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Man who was 'pronounced dead' describes what it was like: 'Your entire life flashes right past you'

The man, who was 'pronounced dead' by doctors after having a seizure, said death felt 'peaceful yet scary' to him.

Man who was 'pronounced dead' describes what it was like: 'Your entire life flashes right past you'
Cover Image Source: Reddit/u/Sufficient-Bug-9112

The whole idea of ‘death’ is traumatizing and scary. It is a part of life but it is often perceived as a negative concept. Many people have spoken about near-death experiences and they believe it is scary and at the same time, unique. It is an experience one can not sum up in words. However, u/Sufficient-Bug-9112 shared a video where a man explained what it was like after he was "pronounced dead." He described it in one word - "peace." There is more to unwind in this story and his experience is one that makes you want to stop and think about the life you’re living. 

Image Source- Reddit/u/Sufficient-Bug-9112
Image Source- Reddit/u/Sufficient-Bug-9112

The guy who was interviewing the man on the street was thinking he was carrying out a regular interview. Instead, he was amazed beyond measure when he got to know about the man's history. The interviewer pointed at the man's glasses and asked, “What happened to your glasses?” The man explained that it broke because of a seizure he had last year. His added, "I had a seizure. It’s pretty crazy talking about it but yeah I had a fallout. It’s from my death last year.” The unexpected reply propelled the interviewer to further question him, "What happened?" The user went on to explain his medical condition where he stated that he had a craniectomy, a surgery as he had a severe blood clot in his brain. He went on to share, "And then I was in a coma for two weeks. I was pronounced dead. My vitals came back on in the ambulance. I survived a six-hour surgery, it’s called a craniectomy." 

This story seemed highly shocking for the interviewer and he went on to ask the guy what it felt like to be dead for a few seconds. To this, the user replied with one word, "Peaceful." When asked further, he explained he saw nothing but darkness. He said: "Every single memory you’ve made in your entire life flashes right past you at light speed. Whatever pain you may be feeling, you won’t feel it anymore." This is very close to something we all desire, to find peace and not feel pain. However, his next statement says it all. His words were, "You’ll not understand what’s going on and you’ll either be back or you won’t. It’s peaceful and scary." The user shared more. He said, "One of the hardest things was to accept life and be back."

Image Source- Reddit/u/
Image Source- Reddit/u/ Sufficient- Bug-9112


The clip left other users in the comments section baffled. Many also shared their similar experiences. "Died for 4 minutes and was suspended in pitch-black nothingness with an overwhelming sense of peace and oneness. Been back for 6 years now and sometimes life feels off. Like tasting a piece of the best cake in the world but never having another bite (until its time to renter the abyss)," wrote u/Individual_Tadpole67 while u/peapodberry commented: "Wow this sounds very interesting. I assume the 4 mins was in real time but wonder if it felt like 4 mins to you while in that state? Genuinely curious."


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