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Man freaks out after walking in on girlfriend cleaning her menstrual cup and passes out

As you can imagine, walking in on his girlfriend in a bloody bathroom with blood all over herself wasn't exactly a pleasant wake-up call at 5 in the morning.

Man freaks out after walking in on girlfriend cleaning her menstrual cup and passes out
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Those who've made the switch from sanitary napkins and tampons to menstrual cups never tire of singing its praise. On the other hand, they'll also be the first ones to admit that things can get a bit too Nightmare On Elm Street-bloody at times. Unfortunately—like most men—Reddit user amphibbian's missed the memo about the gorefest that's cleaning out a menstrual cup and ended up getting the shock of his life when he walked in on his girlfriend in the bathroom in the early hours of his morning.

The Redditor turned to the r/tifu subreddit to recount the eventful morning she'd had and menstrual cup users everywhere couldn't help but sympathize. For those of you who don't know, a menstrual cup is a soft & flexible medical grade silicone cup that you can leave in for up to 12 hours to collect the period blood and pour out. As you can imagine, a full cup has a fair amount of blood. This is important for later, she began. This morning at 5 a.m., I felt the need to go to the toilet. I noticed that a little blood had spilled out so I knew it was over time to empty my cup. This usually doesn't happen to me, but I guess overnight I had more blood than usual.


Groggy at 5 a.m. with the lights off, I take my cup out and dump it into the toilet. It was messy, and I finally discovered that I had an accident with how much blood came out. I chucked my cup in the sink next to me ready to clean everything up, but at this moment, my boyfriend peeks into the bathroom to see if I'm okay and what I'm doing awake, she recounted. From his perspective, he just sees blood all over my hands and in the sink. The lights were off and he just can see me from the flash on my phone. It looked like a horror scene.

As you can imagine, walking in on his girlfriend in a bloody bathroom with blood all over herself wasn't exactly a pleasant wake-up call. He freaked out and fainted at the door. Me, being concerned without thought, jumped up to aid my boyfriend who had just collapsed on the floor without a second thought, she continued. I then instantly realized I had blood all over my hands, and now all over him and the floor. He wakes up a moment later, freaking out not knowing why there is blood everywhere. I explained it to him and was left with a shocked boyfriend and a literal bloody mess I had to clean up at 5 a.m.


Aside from being an amusing and relatable read, the Redditor's confession also prompted other menstrual cup users to share their own hilarious period stories. User eejayer had a particularly entertaining one even though it didn't end with their partner passing out cold. Oh wow, menstrual cups are a trip! This reminds me of a similar story that happened to me a few years ago. I was on the first (and heaviest) day of my period and went out for a few drinks that night. A few drinks turned into a few more, and my partner and I came back pretty drunk. We both passed out in bed, and I forgot to empty my cup, they wrote.


I realized my horrific mistake the next morning when I woke up to a literal pool of blood cupped between my legs. Tossing and turning during the night, there was a fair bit on my partner's legs too. I got up to go clean up, but the cup had overflowed so much that the blood flowed down my leg, leaving literal bloody footprints leading into the bathroom, they continued. I guess in the bathroom I made too many noises of frustration as I cleaned up the bloodbath, as my partner was roused, looked down at the bloody sheets and his bloody self, saw literal horror movie footprints leading out of my bedroom, and me groaning in the bathroom. He runs out to see what happens, slips on a footprint, slides into the door frame, and sees me washing blood from my hands, still with streaks of blood down my legs.

Despite the unexpected bloody scenes that come with it, eejayer ended their commenting vouching for menstrual cups and a tiny little warning. Menstrual cups are wonderful. Better protection, more environmentally thoughtful. But damn, remember to empty them out when you get home from a night on the beer, they wrote.

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