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Man wakes from coma with incredible new art skills he never had before: 'No medical explanation for it'

He woke up with no memory of his past but with incredible creative skills that left even the doctors shocked.

Man wakes from coma with incredible new art skills he never had before: 'No medical explanation for it'
Cover Image Source: Instagram/@moethemaker

Medical conditions rarely turn into a blessing but that's what happened to a 38-year-old father. Moe Hunter revealed that he woke up from a coma with newfound artistic skills and started a new life and career, reports Mirror. Hunter was in a coma for more than a month after being diagnosed with a rare form of bacterial meningitis and Tuberculosis in his brain in 2004. At Birmingham's Queen Elizabeth Hospital, he was placed in a coma while physicians underwent life-saving surgery to install a shunt to drain fluid from his head. 


After he woke up following the brain surgery, he had no memory. Still, everyone around him was shocked as he started displaying proficiency in skills he had never had before the surgery. He discovered that he could think more creatively and engage in artistic endeavors like drawing, painting, and sculpting flawlessly. He never had these qualities before and even did pretty badly in the art classes at his school. Moe explained that before his incredible shift into a brilliant artist, people used to scoff at his artwork.

He said, "I woke up on October 13, 2004. I don't remember anything before 2004 — everything has been relayed to me by family and friends. After being given this second chance at life and new talent, I wanted to make the most of it so I went self-employed as a carpenter making toyboxes." 



However, now he has flourished into a talented artist and started a career as a carpenter and started building life-size models of objects from television and films. Moe has subsequently sold portions of his artwork and presented his incredible works at Comic-Con conventions around the country. His house is now filled with paintings, drawings, and models, including a life-size R2-D2, Chappie, and an AT-ST from Star Wars. 

He said, "Even to this day some of my family can't believe it, they're still completely shocked. It's insane but when I spoke to the neurologist he just said 'enjoy it and said there's so much about the brain they still can't decipher and this is just a phenomenon." He further said that even he is shocked looking at his work as he never thought he was capable of this. 



Doctors describe him as a "walking miracle" as he recovered quickly and started displaying newfound skills after his brain surgery. Moe added, "Nobody has given a medical explanation for it. I just know comas can do crazy things to a human brain. They just kind of said there are many stories and theories over the years and people have woken from comas with skills and even speak other languages." 

He said that the first thing he drew after the surgery was "a Legend of Zelda sketch" and his mother was surprised. "It was crazy, I haven't stopped since then," he added. "I just found I had this passion there which never existed in me before. I just feel incredibly lucky but also shocked as I don't know where this came from." 

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