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Man visits grandparents two years after a serious accident and their reaction will melt your heart

Rubèn Nova Fernández, a former footballer, suffered a serious spinal injury due to a motorcycle accident and now has to use a wheelchair.

Man visits grandparents two years after a serious accident and their reaction will melt your heart
Image Source: Rubén Nova/Instagram

When life throws a curveball, it's up to us how we tackle it. Some people lose their spirit while others use their entire strength to overcome the challenges they're faced with. The latter is certainly true for Rubèn Nova Fernández, who was in a serious motorcycle accident that caused a major spinal injury. The former football player now has to use a wheelchair and is working as hard as he can to regain his strength.



In an emotional moment a few years after his accident, Rubèn visited his grandparents for the first time since it occurred. He posted the moment on Instagram with the caption, "I haven’t seen my grandparents for two and a half years, since before the accident. Despite all the pain I'm having I decided to go see them, it was definitely worth it." The video shows him entering a room and surprising his grandparents. They instantly have big smiles on their faces as soon as they see their beloved grandson. The grandmother hurries to hug Rubèn with tears in her eyes. The text inlay reveals that he "didn't let go" of her and embraced her lovingly. His grandfather also walks towards him teary-eyed and hugs him with all the love in the world. This beautiful video went viral and has been viewed over a million times. Even though his grandparents have difficulty walking due to old age, they got up quickly and forgot about all their pain upon seeing their grandson.



An Instagram user noted, "Oh yeah he got up quick! She didn't remember her pains when she got up either." Another said, "For God's sake! You got me emotional. Make the most of them while you have them. There is nothing cuter than grandparents. Beautiful moment!" A third user commented, "I'm not the one to cry! But this moved me, so good and you went to visit them." 

"Ohhh what a nice reunion, enjoy a lot with them," said another.



According to archy sport, Rubèn did not give up on himself after the accident. He honed his skills so well that he was recruited by the National Parabadminton coach. In a GoFundMe campaign organized to get Rubèn a sports wheelchair, he actually began playing table tennis at the National Hospital for Paraplegics in Toledo. He then moved on to Badminton and used sports as a powerful weapon to get his life together. According to Inside the Games, he made his debut in Spanish Para-Badminton International and secured a victory. 

His Instagram account displays his strength as despite his disability he can be seen working out, walking his dog and living his life to the fullest. In one of his other popular videos, he can be seen lifting himself up in his wheelchair in a gym. The video that displays his strong spirit and personality has been viewed 15 million times. A user praised his strength by writing, "You're such an inspiration & have a never say die attitude to life." Another added, "You are truly a strong person you are fantastic very strong wonderful and thank you for the example you give us."


"Handsome boy and strong willpower!!! Bravo for him!!!" commented another. 

Rubèn's spirit reflects that no matter what circumstances we come across in life, we can conquer them all with bravery and strength. He has been working on himself with immense love from his family and friends. 

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