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Man uses brilliant lighter analogy to explain we should be kind to others: 'Don't be quick to judge'

He explains why we need to be more helpful and empathetic to the people around us through an interesting analogy.

Man uses brilliant lighter analogy to explain we should be kind to others: 'Don't be quick to judge'
Cover Image Source: Reddit | u/AkshayHere

Sometimes, we are too quick to judge people. We do not realize that everyone has their own struggles. For this reason, Reddit user u/AkshayHere posted a video in the subreddit r/MadeMeSmile. In the video, a man is seen making an interesting analogy between humans and lighters. The man discusses how he left one lighter inside his house and another outside of it.

The next day, when he saw them, the one that was inside the home was still functioning and the other one did not. Then the man explained how we judge humans too quickly as well, without even understanding what they have been through. The man asks people to be less judgemental and more helpful to others. 

Image Source: Reddit | u/AkshayHere
Image Source: Reddit | u/AkshayHere

This sweet message was appreciated by many Reddit users. u/Monsi_ggnore even commented, "Double whammy- tells people to not judge a book by its cover and exemplifies that lesson himself perfectly." u/Born-Bathroom2886 wrote, "My God... I've always used his videos as a shining example of why not all rednecks are racist." 

u/Seipher187 commented, "It's easy to judge, you know? We are all works in progress. None of us are perfect. The second you think you are, you are in trouble. People are at very different points on the journey to being the best version of themselves. When we judge and hate based on where we are, we don't allow room to be a helpful guiding force to those who may be a bit behind. If we set aside that judgment and reignite another's flame... We are truly helping our species, and therefore ourselves."

Image Source: Reddit | u/AkshayHere
Image Source: Reddit | u/AkshayHere

u/ TheKingofGames wrote, "And remember to love your friends and family! I'll see you tomorrow with another banger motivational video gang! Goodnight! Woof Woof Oink!" u/thomoas wrote, "Stay classy! I love it video also says a lot about what classy is really about."

Image Source: Reddit | u/AkshayHere
Image Source: Reddit | u/AkshayHere

Kindness truly lights up every room it is present. In another video shared on Reddit by u/Ok_Lebanon, a man is seen seemingly scared to get onto the escalator. He keeps hesitating even as a few people pass him. Then a family comes by and the father asks the stranger, "Are you scared?" When the man nods his head, the dad goes back a bit, holds his hand and helps him to get onto the escalator. The dad tells him, "Keep calm, relax." The other person tells him that he has always been scared. The dad assures him again and tells him, "Raise your foot when I say it."

Image Source: Reddit/u/Ok_Lebanon
Image Source: Reddit/u/Ok_Lebanon

By then, his son also comes to the stranger and says, "I'm here. Don't worry I'm Batman." The child then holds the stranger's hand as they go down the escalator. The video gained more than 22k upvotes on Reddit and is captioned, "We need more men like him." This video appears to have been a social experiment with a videographer recording people's responses to a scared man unable to get onto an escalator. 

Image Source: Reddit/ u/Ok_Lebanon
Image Source: Reddit/u/Ok_Lebanon

Truly, by telling others to be kinder or offering a helping hand, we can make this world a nicer place!

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