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Man used AI to find his 'one true love' on Tinder and now they're getting married

He cracked the code.

Man used AI to find his 'one true love' on Tinder and now they're getting married
Cover Image Suorce: Twitter/biblikz

Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to develop faster with each passing day. People have mixed opinions about the technology, but there is no denying how endless the possibilities are if AI can be harnessed properly. Just like AI, dating apps have also been getting increasingly popular, with more people making an effort to find a suitable partner. Aleksandr Zhadan was on a search for his soulmate and realized how much dating apps were making it difficult for him. Speaking to Gizmodo, he said, "I really understand dating apps can be hard and embarrassing."

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Hatice Baran
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Hatice Baran


The 23-year-old developer decided to program Open AI's Chat GPT-2 to help him with his love life by swiping on the app and making conversation with women. His unique love story has also been shared on X by @kritarthmittal, which has 956.5K views. Although his plan sounded great, Chat GPT was still developing when he embarked on finding love in 2021. Zhadan created filters that swiped left on women who drank alcohol and had zodiac signs on their profiles. While the program worked for the most part, it could not hold a conversation very well.



For instance, the program ended up asking one woman to "go for a long walk in the woods" in the first few moments of the conversation. At other times, the program would repeat questions, making the conversation awkward. All of that changed when Chat GPT got an update that gave it longer context memory, along with other custom tools. This allowed Zhadan to fine-tune his assistant even more to make it sound more realistic.


The AI program started to function better, giving him much better matches and maintaining longer conversations with them. Zhadan wanted to perfect the software even more, so he made use of Google Calendar and Telegram to streamline his dates. In addition to that, he also created "trust levels" for the program to share sensitive personal information about him. The program worked so well that Zhadan got 4,943 matches in a month.


Zhadan's hope of finding true love was realized in December 2022 when he was matched with Karina Vyalshakaeva. She made such an impact on Zhadan that he paused his AI assistant from talking with other women on Tinder. Vyalshakeave stood out from the crowd, and Zhadan did not want to lose her, which made him use the help of his program to keep the conversation flowing smoothly. Things went well and Zhadan shared, "At some point, the project wrote me a recommendation that maybe it's time to propose to Karina. I took the advice, and she said yes."


Vyalshakaeva came to know that she had been talking to the chatbot a few months after they decided to date. Understandably, she was quite shocked to hear the news, but she was not mad. She said, "He spent a lot of time personalizing these prompts, so, for me, it's okay when used in a rational way." Vyalshakaeva also added how their real-life connection was strong, so talking to the chatbot did not matter to her in the long run. The couple plans to make use of Chat GPT to make their wedding planning a little easier.


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