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Man unimpressed by a new robot at work gives hilarious commentary of its actions

'I kind of knew where it was going but it was heading toward the elevator 'Oh I got to see this.' So I ran over there and start recording,'' he explained.

Man unimpressed by a new robot at work gives hilarious commentary of its actions
Cover Image Source: TikTok/ @chmod655

Having robots in restaurants or malls to help customers with orders and directions has become an increasingly common sight these days. However, when TikTok user @chmod655 found a robot walking around in his office, he was thoroughly unimpressed by it and couldn't help but poke fun at it.

Image Source: TikTok/ chmod655
Image Source: TikTok/ @chmod655

In the video, @chmod655 records the robot's movements while explaining: "So I got to work and find this thing driving around our floor. I know it didn't have any arms. It kind of knew where it was going but it was heading toward the elevator 'Oh I got to see this.' So I ran over there and start recording."

Image Source: Reddit/ u/zoey_will
Image Source: Reddit/u/zoey_will

The robot can be seen moving toward an elevator. "I just didn't expect this. It has a circle guard around it, it is like don't interfere with it," says the TikTok user. The machine slides up and a pointy thing appears out of its metal body to press the elevator button. The man starts laughing and says, "It's sliding up. Wait for it. I wasn't expecting it. Guess what's in that thing - it's a lunch from the cafeteria. All this to bring you all lunch."

Image Source: TikTok/ chmod655
Image Source: TikTok/ @chmod655

The video went viral with more than 936k views. It is captioned, "I'm starting to think my company hates money. This is a product that is looking for a solution." Many on TikTok were amused by the robot and how it worked. @ticktack2025 commented, "It should be vacuuming at the same time." @papa_jaga15 wrote, "I love how it got in the elevator on its own. Pretty neat." @nellytzz357 pointed out, "I did this in Vegas. The robot brought us snacks from the store in the lobby." @destroyed1922 expressed, "Phenomenal!! The best part is that it's not gonna expect a tip and give an attitude if it doesn't get one. Love technology." @mariahmccommon wrote, "It's surely becoming a Wall-E world. This is cool, but get up and get your dang lunch."

The same video was posted on Reddit by u/linuxunix and racked up more than 12k upvotes. It is captioned, "Not impressed with new robot at work." u/Doc_Hollidazed commented, "'If you return to in-office work we will have free food delivery service for all employees.'” u/Odd-Artist-2595 wrote, "Oh, this had me laughing so hard. The guy’s commentary is just perfect."

u/TheBigEMan pointed out, "Don’t make fun of it, it will be your boss soon and has a long memory." u/SlightlyMoreSane expressed, "All this to avoid having to pay a food runner. And instead of having to repair/replace a robot constantly. At least it doesn't complain if you kick it, I suppose. Yet."

Talking about robots, even artificial intelligence is getting into many industries. The food chain, McDonald's, has a new AI ordering system and customers are not very happy about it. TikTok user @resinsbiren posted a video on February 10 criticizing McDonald's new artificial intelligence system, which the firm has installed at a handful of drive-thrus around the country. 

Adams said, "So you all know how it’s 2023, and robots are taking over the world." Adams added that they attempted to order their "daily dose of caffeine" with breakfast, requesting hash browns, sweet tea and a Coke. However, when another passenger arrived in the lane next to theirs to order, the AI also picked up the other driver's order. Adams said, "Mind you, at this McDonald’s, it’s all robot. We’re talking to a robot, there’s no person on the speaker, it’s just a robot taking your order."

The other order also got added to Adam's order and when they tried to delete the incorrect order, the AI malfunctioned and instead added 8 extra sweet teas. Adams said, "I saw this s**t, and I pulled out of the drive-thru and drove away."

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