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Man completely turns his life around after being homeless and unemployed for six months

He is proof that one can overcome even the most difficult situations with sheer will and determination.

Man completely turns his life around after being homeless and unemployed for six months
Cover Image Source: Reddit/itsamejay

As hard as we all try to get ahead in this rat race of life, all it takes is a small misstep to lose it all in the blink of an eye. For a person who's hit rock bottom in such a manner, holding on to hope and trying to figure out a way out of their unfortunate circumstances can prove to be a herculean task. Especially when factors outside their control are constantly changing the rules of the game and stacking the odds against them. However, some do manage to overcome these daunting challenges and win this seemingly unwinnable chess match with fate.



One such winner is Reddit user itsamejay, who managed to completely turn his life around despite going through six long and excruciating months of being homeless and unemployed. He recently took to the r/MadeMeSmile community to proudly flex his impressive achievements and practically sent Reddit into a meltdown. Sharing a photograph of himself seemingly ready for work, he wrote: After 6 months homeless & jobless. I now have a new apartment, a car, and a job in a call center. And I did it on my own. So proud of myself.

Image Source: Reddit/itsamejay


Fellow Redditors lost no time in flooding the post with congratulatory messages and words of admiration. Many shared their own experiences with homelessness and how they made it out, including Reddit user LilCaraboo who wrote: "Bro honestly good fu**ing job. I don't even know you but I'm proud. I was homeless for a few months and too proud to ask for help. Finally, I swallowed my pride and asked if I could stay with my dad until I get back on my feet. Been working at amazon for a few months. My brother [and I] are looking for apartments! It can only go up from here, bro. Stay focused on taking care of your business. I hope you never have to go through that shit again."



Another Redditor Wood1e shared similar sentiments while praising itsamejay for doing the one thing that's the hardest to do in situations like the one he overcame. "Congratulations! I’m not congratulating you on your job, I’m congratulating you on not letting the hard times define you. For not giving up when it is so much easier to. I’m congratulating you for staying in the fight when things are at their worst and accomplishing what you set out to and bettering yourself and your situation. More people need to have the willpower and drive you have. Congratulations on never giving up," they wrote.



u/itsamejay also received a few job offers thanks to his inspiring post. "Congratulations!! You look so happy in this picture!! Just gonna throw this out there, if you somehow happen to be in Minnesota, let me know. I am a recruiter and I'd be happy to help out in the future. I know it's a long shot, but hey - you gave me a smile so if I can give you one then that's a fair trade," commented Reddit user ancientflowers. The post also served as motivation to others going through rough patches in life. "I've been depressed, recently wondering if I'll ever make enough of a living wage to move out and be autonomous. Thanks for giving me some hope that it's possible and a massive congratulations to you," wrote Redditor IronBrowncoat.

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