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Man trapped in work closet hilariously documents the 3 hours he spent locked up inside

This fellow was trapped in a work closet for a couple of hours. But rather than getting anxious, he decided to handle the situation calmly.

Man trapped in work closet hilariously documents the 3 hours he spent locked up inside
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @dadchats

Many people who dread the thought of getting stuck in a closet and having no one to rescue them from their misery. If you are one of them, you can certainly take tips from screenwriter and lawyer Dillon White, who recently landed himself in quite a pickle. Accidentally, if course. White, who goes by @dadchats on TikTok, shared a video that raked up over 4 million views since it went online. The man got trapped inside a closet at work after the door handle broke off when he tried to open it from the inside.

Image Source: TikTok | @dadchats
Image Source: TikTok | @dadchats

He figured that he might get rescued soon enough and then, he will share his funny little video that he has filmed from inside the closet with the rest of the world. "When I first started, I was like ‘This will be super funny and I’ll be in here for like 15 minutes and then when I come out, I’ll post it and it’ll be so funny’. And now I’m sitting here going like ‘I miss that Dillon. I miss that naive Dillon' because now I’m actually creating my final memoirs," he said.

White ended up having a full-blown existential crisis while trying to spend his time inside the closet, waiting to get rescued. As the trapped man started filming himself, he showed the door handle he had accidentally broken off. He saw an open vent on the ceiling and tried to "Spider-Man his way out" of it but failed. He took off his sweatshirt after a while, complaining that it was too warm in the closet and that he needed to get himself a drink and use the bathroom. But unfortunately, he had access to none of that. White even wondered why there is "no pen in the closet." When the clock struck 4 p.m., White started to wonder if he is destined to die in a "cupboard."

Image Source: TikTok | @dadchats
Image Source: TikTok | @dadchats

"Is this the end of Dillon?" he asked himself at one point. Then he proceeded to leave a sentimental message for his kids, telling them that being their dad was the absolute best thing. He even lay down and started singing random lines from different songs as well. As fellow TikTok users hold onto their breath and watch the man seemingly record his finals days from a work closet, he suddenly thanks an individual who might have opened the door for him but was not visible in the footage.

TikTok viewers had a lot to say about this terrifying situation White was stuck in but a few others made some clever pointers on the video as well. @mothergoosegoose62 wrote: "Should this happen again, change the outgoing message on your voicemail to state where you are." @omi_walksthetalk exclaimed: "The fact that all you had to do was push the door but instead you made this memoir is so on brand." @fainting_goats commented: "Oh my gosh! Get some rest, water and use the bathroom. That was quite the journey you took us on." @carefulcrow wondered: "How do you get yourself into these situations?" White replied to this comment by stating that "he has absolutely no idea."

Image Source: TikTok | @dadchats
Image Source: TikTok | @dadchats

At the end of the video, White told his viewers that all he had to do was push the door to open it, despite the handle being broken from the inside. His face displays a sense of defeat when he concluded the video, pretending to shed dry tears while being covered in sweat dripping from his forehead. Nevertheless, fellow TikTok users were relieved to know that White made it out of the closet alive.

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