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Man tired of constant misuse of his email for spam decides to take matter into his own hands

The situation arose due to their choice of an uncomplicated username, which attracted numerous individuals with similar names to input it randomly in forms and surveys.

Man tired of constant misuse of his email for spam decides to take matter into his own hands
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Cottonbro Studio

A person was tired after people used their email as a disposable address so they decided to get some revenge. They had used an easy username and for this reason, many people with similar names filled it out on random forms and surveys. They were tired of their email being used again and again and so, they decided to get their revenge. The person, u/greenradioactive shared on Reddit, "My Gmail address is short and sweet, easy to remember, no numbers or anything like that, just my first and last names. The person wrote in their post. "The problem is that it seems that people with a name similar to mine use it as one of those throwaway addresses you give when you're filling out some stuff for a random company and you don't want to give away your data."

Image Source: Pexels | Photo by Andrea Piacquadio
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Andrea Piacquadio

They continued, "This means I get a lot of spam. I get crap from all over the Americas, the US, Mexico, Guatemala, Brazil and Ecuador (my surname sounds Hispanic) and it gets very tiresome. very. I sometimes get an honest mistake, like an email from a school in Texas or something, and I write back telling them that it's not the correct address, and I get a thank back. I'm not a complete monster! But every now and then these guys overstep the mark. They use this email address (which remember, they have no access to) to sign up for stuff you really might not want other people to be able to f**k around with. Cue petty revenge."

They started getting control of the situation as they said, "Some random guy in California used a dating site using my email. I use the lost password feature to go onto his account, insult his prospective 'b*tches' and then delete the account altogether. I got an email from a Brazilian car dealer asking if I wanted a full-service package with some extras, to which I said yes! Absolutely! Order all the necessary parts and materials! Strangely, I never heard from them again."

This story does not end here, "My favorite was a rental car reservation some moron used my email for. I got access to a reserved area and added some extra insurance and a couple of extra days to his rental period. I have some schadenfreude when I think of him wanting to leave the car but having to go through the trouble of having to cancel my add-ons. Ha! Ha!" The OP also discussed the "moral" of their story and they wrote, "There's a moral here, kids. Don't use random email addresses for stuff."

Image Source: Reddit | u/freeski919
Image Source: Reddit | u/freeski919

This revenge was necessary to teach these people a lesson and to reclaim their email IDs. Many people on Reddit also agreed with the person as other people also have their emails used by people who share names with them. People also mentioned how state officials shared names with them and used their emails by mistake. It is common to make a typing error, but it becomes problematic when someone else's email is used for daily activities.

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