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Man throws dream Batman b'day party for girlfriend who was told growing up it’s ‘for boys only’

Mularkey never really got to have her dream Batman-themed party but her boyfriend pulled out all stops to make her 32nd birthday one to remember.

Man throws dream Batman b'day party for girlfriend who was told growing up it’s ‘for boys only’
Image source: Twitter/@SparkyMularkey

Sparky Mularkey, a cosplayer, had always dreamt of a Batman-themed party during her childhood. It was a time when many reserved 'Batman' for boys, and she never really got to play out a Batman-themed party fighting crime in Gotham City because it wasn't 'girly.' Batman is a badass superhero, especially when you consider he's just a man, with no superpowers. Never has a superhero hero been more relatable. Batman inspires people irrespective of gender, race, sexual orientation, or class. Mularkey's dream did come true when her boyfriend pulled out all stops to host a Batman-themed party. A party that would have put Alfred to shame. Not that Alfred was a party animal, but he was in charge of things at Wayne Manor, and the mood there is always somber. And Mularkey's party was lit! "I just burst into happy tears," she said. 


Mularkey was expecting a quiet dinner when she turned 32, which also happens to be her favorite number. Being a cosplayer, birthday parties and Halloweens are huge celebrations, but she had mentally settled for a somber dinner because of the pandemic but she was in for the surprise of her life. She opened the door to a Batman-themed party and all her (vaccinated) friends waiting for her. She couldn't believe it. “I really was so exhausted from work, and so to arrive at his place and see not only all of my friends but Batman decorations… It all clicked together instantly and when I realized exactly what he had done,” Mularkey told Bored Panda. Not to mention that this came back on the back of a year she couldn't really cosplay on account of the pandemic.


Mularkey posted the images from her party on Twitter and one has got to feel jealous about having a partner like that. He went all out. A Batman-themed carnival, decorations, costumes, cakes a Joker Batarang challenge, a photo booth, and more. He even built a Turntable of Justice! and held a Riddler-themed scavenger hunt. Aquaman edges Batman for Mularkey now, but to see her childhood dream come true was something else. Batman is still up there for her. “Batman is such a popular superhero. Everyone loves Batman, or at least likes him, and I think there’s a reason for that. He’s super cool and has an amazing supportive cast of characters and an unmatched rogues’ gallery,” she said.


From being told "Batman was for boys," to finally having her childhood dream come true was a surreal experience. She has a passion for geek culture and cosplaying, and it really helped her express herself. "I could set aside the anxieties and fears that I had developed from navigating society and I could just truly be myself, living vicariously through beloved fictional characters, celebrating with fellow geeks who are just as passionate as I am,” said Mularkey.


While she didn't get to have a Batman birthday party as a child, she holds nothing against her parents and immensely grateful to them. “I know that my own parents love me very much, and they’ve always wanted what’s best for me. I might not have gotten a Batman birthday when I was a kid, but I still loved the birthday parties they hosted for me. But yes, finally getting my Batman birthday party was fricken’ AWESOME! Childhood dream come true!” she said. 


Mularkey's boyfriend did organize a Star Wars-themed party for her years earlier but this one definitely tops that. “This Batman birthday party was truly something special. He really knows how to go all out for parties!" said Mularkey, reported Newsweek. She added that he had spent weeks planning it without her knowledge. I hadn’t realized just how much I needed to feel like a kid again. It seriously healed my soul," she said. Mark Hamill, who played Joker, paid tribute to the couple with a sweet tweet.













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