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Man thinks his 1-year-old baby is gay because he likes books and flowers; Mom left speechless

The woman couldn't believe her husband thought their son was gay because he was doing what most children do.

Man thinks his 1-year-old baby is gay because he likes books and flowers; Mom left speechless
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There's still a whole lot of people out there who believe that the smallest actions by a child—such as wearing lipstick—are signs that they are going to be gay. Homophobic people usually have strong demarcations on what 'boys' and 'girls' are supposed to do, so it's hardly surprising that they view anyone breaking such stereotypes as gay. A 23-year-old woman recently said her husband, 24, was afraid their one-year-old son was gay because he broke some of the stereotypes that he personally associated with boys and girls. She listed out the reasons her husband thinks their one-year-old is gay, and they're wild. The post was shared on Reddit and titled, "Help my infant is gay because he likes colors."

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The post reads:
"Some of the 'reasons' he thinks our son is gay:
1. He loves when the light shines through the window in a way that makes rainbows on the floor.
2. He was curious about my makeup and has tried to take my lipstick and eyeliner (it reminds him of crayons).
3. He generally prefers me to my husband.
4. He likes to help me peel bananas, and one time my husband saw him mouth the tip of it. He got angry at me for “letting him do something that looks sexual”. Wtf?



5. His favorite thing to do outside right now is to look at the flowers that are blooming and touch them.
6. My husband thinks he likes books too much for a boy (??)
7. There's also a character in one of the books that my son always points and smiles at because he has bright orange hair (son's favorite color), but my husband thinks he has a crush on the character... I don't even know what to say to that."




Reddit users found the "reasons" hilarious and had a bit of a laugh themselves. "Can't wait for him to think that his son is Black for liking fried chicken," wrote one person, highlighting how absurd the man sounded. "Think about all those men who have written books. Mega gay," wrote another user. "Guess I have to stop reading the Bible," joked another. "Sounds like Dad should have read more books," commented one user. Some even suggested that the man could be gay himself. "Something tells me he may be in the closet himself and hates himself. It’s always the ones that are borderline aggressive," wrote one user.



One user said they had so much of what was listed before adding that it had no effect on his sexuality. "I have done so much rainbowy sh*t when I was a kid from putting on my Mom's lipstick to straight-up cross-dressing and I can confirm it had zero impact on my present sexuality. I just grew up with my mom and it's all I knew as a little kid until I developed friends and social structures and all that human bullsh*t," they wrote.

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Some users said his behavior was a clear red flag. "This is red flags all over for him being an abusive father and husband in the future. Therapy or leave him, or therapy AND leave him," wrote one user. "Seriously y’all, we’ve got to stop breeding with people like this," commented another. "Sometimes I think reddit is too quick to recommend people to break up/divorce, but in this case I completely agree. I don't see how there's any salvaging this, you'd have to completely reform the guy into someone you can actually trust to be a good father, but in the meantime he'd still be a terrible father who can do a lot of damage to the kid, and it doesn't even seem very likely that he'll change anyway. It's also not like it's only a bad thing if the kid turns out to be gay, this kind of insane insistent to a super strict gender binary system is harmful no matter what, nobody ever conforms perfectly to all of this nonsense, anyone would end up being made to feel bad about themselves for being judged too feminine for one dumb reason or another," wrote one user.

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