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Man teaches supervisors why they shouldn't 'mess with a lawyer' after facing harassment

He pulled an uno-reverse card when his supervisors started treating him badly during the sale of the company.

Man teaches supervisors why they shouldn't 'mess with a lawyer' after facing harassment
Representative Cover Image Source: (L) Pexels | Pavel Danilyuk; (R) Reddit | u/UOAOldie

It is common knowledge that lawyers should not be messed with as they know their way around any argument or situation. For any company legal documents are their lifelines, and lawyers hold it in their hands. The same was the case with Reddit user u/UOAOldie who knew about his company's legal provisions in and out. The moment his company turned toxic, he decided to use this to get revenge in the best way possible.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Pavel Danilyuk
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Pavel Danilyuk

The individual sought out employment in a company that sold software, as their in-house lawyer. The reason he joined the company was because he was interested in compliance, and felt that the place would give him the opportunity to gain expertise in that area. After coming on board he realized that the company was filled with oldies. This was because most of them were in their position due to their connection with the owners. He was instructed to work under three guys. Senior Guy 1's job description was not clear, Senior Guy 2 negotiated tech contracts and Senior Guy 3 was the reporting manager.

The company was soon going to be sold out, and the employee was given the responsibility to work on the definitive agreement. This took him aback a bit, as he wrote, "For some reason, I was 'senior' enough for them to handle this independently." This implied that the oldies in the firm were not equipped to handle the responsibility. Moreover, this was cheap labor as 'definitive agreements' should be handled by law firms.

Pavel Danilyuk
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Pavel Danilyuk

Though the employee had loans to pay, after his third month he could no longer continue. He was not doing anything related to compliance, which was his objective. Thereafter, he decided to look for a new job. Once the senior guys caught wind of it, the "harassment" began. "Senior Guy 2 started countering all my remarks/comments on drafting on email. Even minor agreement points required 'discussion.' If it was his mistake, then we had a call. If not, then he made sure to document it. If I raised a point, I was 'being rigid,'" he said. "However, if Senior Guy 2 raised the point, it suddenly made 'commercial sense.'" The last day also ended on a bitter note. Senior Guy 3, threatened him that he would never find a good job in the sector.

Refusing to let them get one over him, he planned his course of action carefully. His first move was to give a legal notice to the company detailing everything that had happened to him. He knew that the management would not be affected one bit, hence he also sent the notice to the owners. The owners were already angry at the three guys, and this acted as fodder. They were brought in for questioning. The employee was threatened that he would not get his relieving letter and pending dues if he kept this up. This prompted him to take further action.

Having made the definitive agreement, the employee knew who in the company would be let go. He contacted all of them, and gave them that information leading to "mass resignations and missed deadlines." Thereafter he contacted the government authorities that would need to give permission to let this sale go through. The points he gave the authorities, prompted a discussion from their side with the company, scaring the latter.

This caused them to quickly give the employee's remaining dues and relieving letter. The whole incident also had a significant impact on the careers of all three guys. "Senior Guys 1 & 2 were left red-faced but survived because of old ties. However, their contracts were not renewed," he wrote. "Senior Guy 3 who threatened me, became a "consultant" after the company was sold." Proud of the outcome, the employee puts the title of, "Don't antagonize your lawyer while you're selling your company," to the whole story.

Image Source: Reddit/u/Bill_Rau
Image Source: Reddit/u/Bill_Rau
Image Source: Reddit
Image Source: Reddit/u/OpenScore

The comment section was in awe of the lawyer's skills. u/MammothPurpose3235 enjoyed every bit of the plan and wrote, "Awesome way to get back at the old furniture of the organization who thinks of themself as bulletproof. Never mess with someone who cooks or serves your food or a Lawyer!!" u/wowwee99 could not believe that the company messed with their lawyer and commented, "Why anyone would piss off their lawyer is beyond me. There's so many ways one can be screwed over and it's all by the book."

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