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Man suspects prankster wife of stealing his pajama strings and the internet is obsessed with the mystery

A man who was losing his patience one pajama string at a time suspected his wife but ultimately discovered the real culprit who was building a treasure trove.

Man suspects prankster wife of stealing his pajama strings and the internet is obsessed with the mystery
Representative Cover Image Source: (L) Pexels | SHVETS production; (R) Reddit | u/sethborf

There’s no debate that pranks add a fun side to any relationship. Keeping your partner guessing about their missing pair of socks or switching sugar to salt sprinkles a certain amount of joy to everyday life. Similarly, u/sethborf shared his deep concern for his missing pajama strings, assuming it to be a prank by his wife but he was in a for sweet surprise. The 34-year-old man took to Reddit and shared, “In the last year or so, I’ve been discovering the tie strings for my pajama pants have been disappearing. It can only be her removing these because we don’t have kids and I’m the only one who has to leave the house to go to work, so she’s alone in the house a lot.” He further mentions how his wife’s pants still have all their strings, but not his pants have them. He even bought more pants to replace the old ones, but those go missing eventually.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Ron Lach
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Ron Lach

The man further explained that the couple had been married for 10 years and shared a good relationship. If anything, he’s surprised that she won’t talk about it. He said, “It’s just really bizarre. She is a bit of a prankster and so am I. But I don’t know what the point of the prank is if this is indeed some sort of practical joke.” Reddit users flooded the comment section after his post, channeling their inner Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot. Some advised him to check the washing machine that’s often the culprit behind missing socks and hoodie strings. User u/2sus said, “Maybe they just get ripped off in the wash? Do you keep buying the same pants? No idea why she would do something like this.” Another user, u/AwooWooKaChoo, said, “After losing a few hoodie strings to the washing machine, every loose string - pants/hoodie/whatever gets square knotted together before being tossed in. Holds during the wash but easy to pull out once it’s through the dryer.” 

Image Source: Reddit | u/SadExercises420
Image Source: Reddit | u/SadExercises420

After listening to people in the comment, the husband later updated the thread and shared that after getting home, he checked inside the waistbands of all his pajama pants. The process did not take long as he only had five of them. In his investigation, he did not find any strings. To move the process ahead, he decided to search for the strings in the washer drum and filter the next day as he was going to sleep.

Later, people suggested the husband check his cats’ hiding spots because they are known to be a fan of all things stringy. His final two updates revealed the real felon of his pajama strings, an innocent furry being who was a bit of a collector of random things. He wrote, “Someone in the comments suggested maybe my cat had been taking them out and hiding them since cats tend to have hiding spots. One of his is under the couch. I just checked and I found one there. It’s just one, but it’s a start! I’m going to check his other spots too.”

Image Source: Reddit | u/SeasonPositive6771
Image Source: Reddit | u/SeasonPositive6771


His last update disclosed that the couple searched all the hiding spots of their cat and found the secret. The back of their couch caught the wife’s eye and upon looking closer, they discovered a small hole at the bottom. Then they cut a hole in that portion of the couch and found their cat’s secret treasure. He revealed, “We found his true secret stash! ALL MY STRINGS WERE THERE! Not only that, but we found pretty much all of my wife’s missing smaller squishmallows and her missing AirPods. We even found a missing pendant that we’ve been trying to find for years! I’m going to buy her a box of chocolate.”

Image Source: Reddit | u/Quicksilver1964
Image Source: Reddit | u/Quicksilver1964

The cute, furry thief won the internet’s heart and the comments section was filled with purrs of excitement and similar cat experiences. u/Not_Great_at_This_19 shared their joy and said, "This is the best thing I’ve read in a while and I really needed something to laugh about. Sorry, maybe there is some explanation outside of your wife doing it, but I’m secretly hoping she is cutting them on purpose just to remind you that she’s in charge. That’s what you get for assigning her your dirty laundry."

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