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Man surprises wife with a live performance of her favorite musician on her birthday: 'A surreal gift'

Worried about his declining health, he wanted to give her a birthday surprise that his wife won't ever forget.

Man surprises wife with a live performance of her favorite musician on her birthday: 'A surreal gift'
Cover Image Source: Reddit | u/B_rad_will

The prospect of receiving a blindfolded surprise from one's partner is a desire shared by many. It becomes even more delightful when the surprise involves witnessing your favorite musician perform your favorite song at a surprise birthday celebration, with all of your closest friends cheering you on. Recently, a heartwarming video of a husband organizing a surprise party for his wife went viral due to the meticulous efforts he put into it. The video, which was posted on Reddit by Bradley - who goes by u/B_rad_will on TikTok - was widely appreciated for his beautiful gesture for his wife, Stacy.

Image Source: Reddit | u/B_rad_will
Image Source: Reddit | u/B_rad_will

The description of the video reads, “I surprised my wife with both a party and her favorite musician, Charlie Mars, playing her favorite song. I could see her disbelief through the blindfold when she asked me if it was a recording. She didn’t even know her friends were all there until the first song was over. It will never get this good again. Such a great shared moment for both of us.”

Image Source: Reddit | u/B_rad_will
Image Source: Reddit | u/B_rad_will

As the video begins, Stacy, who is blindfolded, is assisted by her husband to step out of the house and sit down on a chair before the performer. The moment she is seated her favorite track starts playing and she is seen asking Bradley if it’s a recording, unaware of the presence of the singer himself. After she removes her blindfold, she is full of emotions as she witnesses Charlie Mars singing her favorite song. While the singer plays his guitar and performs, the couple share a moment of silence as they sit close to each other admiring the atmosphere.

Image Source: Reddit
Image Source: Reddit


When the musician is done, Bradley asks his wife to look behind her seat. Still vibing to the music and brimming with emotions, Stacy seemingly forgets that there were other guests seated behind her. The guests were none other than her close friends and family. Surprised by the presence of everything she loves the most, she expresses her love for her life partner, who arranged it all.

Image Source: Reddit
Image Source: Reddit

Bradley wrote on Instagram, describing his plan for the day, "With a lot of help from friends, I was able to conceal from Stacy that we were throwing her a surprise birthday party and that Charlie Mars was going to be there to make the magic happen. My health hasn’t been so great lately and I’ve been trying to find a way to do something meaningful for Stacy in the event things keep getting worse for me."


He added, "It was a surreal gift of a moment to see Stacy, still blindfolded for the surprise, when she realized she was listening to Charlie Mars play to her on the back patio. A moment unlike any other and one we will never forget."


People on Reddit applauded the man's efforts and love for his wife. u/JohnWickThickStick commented, “Congratulations, man you are an inspiration! Your wife is loved. You could see that by the way she was beaming.” u/Faerie42 said, “This is what it feels to be loved.” People were in awe of the couple who looked happy to be surrounded by a close group of their loved ones. And that’s all the video intends to tell, that to love and to be loved is all about surrounding oneself with the things one loves and cherishes.

Watch the full video here:


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