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Man sees frog living in his fence and builds 'Frodrick' a customized house with a fancy pool

When Dazza first saw the frog on his fence, he was concerned about the frog's protection and wanted to help out.

Man sees frog living in his fence and builds 'Frodrick' a customized house with a fancy pool
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @unknowndazza

Editor's note: This article was originally published on February 28, 2023. It has since been updated.

Most of us might have noticed animals around our houses like stray dogs, frogs, or even birds that visit us often. However, have you ever thought of building a home for them? Probably not. But when TikTok user @unknowndazza noticed a frog living on his fence, he went out of his way to create a house for the little guy. Dazza did a lot of trial and error before finalizing the perfect home for the frog, whom the internet-named Frodrick. When Dazza first saw the frog on his fence, he was concerned about the frog's protection and wanted to help out, according to The Dodo. So he went ahead and built a tiny frog house. Dazza said, “It sounded like a fun idea and [a] challenge to build a house that could potentially make a wild frog's life better."

TikTok | @unknowndazza
TikTok| @unknowndazza


He first created a house using a 3D printer that would perfectly fit on top of Frodrick's fence. Once it was done, he placed it there but the frog didn't seem as excited as the man was. Dazza said that Frodrick hated it. “After installing it, we checked on him a few hours later, and he'd moved out. Devastated!” However, Dazza decided to give Frodrick some time to adjust to his new home. And finally, a week later, on a rainy day, Dazza found the frog sitting inside the house. “We came home from dinner and it was raining, and we noticed him posted up looking happy in his house,” Dazza said.

After observing Frodrick for a few days and taking feedback from his followers, he decided to make some changes to Frodrick's house. The next house he created had a 360-degree view access and the patio was upgraded to a mini pool and a ceiling that had sound reflection. 

TikTok | @unknowndazza
TikTok | @unknowndazza


That was not all. In the next installment, he added a pool and a few plants to Frodrick's house to attract bugs. Meanwhile, Frodrick brought his friends over to the house, and, instead of one, three frogs were seen in the pool. Soon, there were eggs found near the house and then tadpoles. So, Dazza created a ramp for them. He planted some more plants for the froglets, and they were seen on the plants in a week's time. Later, Dazza went on to create a few more frog houses near Frodrick's house.

Moreover, Dazza also spotted a possum who used to visit the Frodrick pool for water and later also captured another possum, whom the internet named King and Queen Julian. The King and Queen had a baby called Mort.

TikTok | @unknownsazza
TikTok| @unknownsazza


The TikTok user posted a video with the complete makeover of the frog's house and captioned it, "The Full Frod Story! It’s been a crazy journey from 0 to 60k people of Frodrick! Appreciate your ideas and support☺️" The video gained more than 28 million views and 5.5 million likes with people leaving comments about how adorable this is.



People on the social media platform loved the house finally created for Frodrick. User @Saturn_uravity commented, "There’s a frog out there living better than me" and @fkhrldzwn commented, "You build an entire ecosystem for them." Another user @k_e_l_l_ _g said, "It's crazy how invested we've all become, Frod and his little world is the only 'reality show' I watch." User @liltarro2.0 wrote about how much they loved the story: "This was literally the best story I've ever heard it just kept getting better." In the same vein, @kattack420 commented, "Well that spiraled into something amazing. It’s like watching sims for frogs."

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