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Man successfully rescues his childhood friend from a deep cave with just a rope and flaslight

A man descends into a cave that is at an elevation of 2230 meters with just a rope and flashlight to rescue his childhood friend.

Man successfully rescues his childhood friend from a deep cave with just a rope and flaslight
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Going to popular tourist destinations can be an exhilarating experience, allowing individuals to explore new things and witness breathtaking sights. However, amidst all of the excitement, it is crucial to prioritize safety. Subhash, a nab hailing from Manjummel in the Ernakulam district of Kerala in India, experienced a treacherous fall into a deep cave system while he was out on a holiday with his friends in Kodaikanal, located in Tamil Nadu on the 3rd of September, 2006, per The Hindu. Thankfully, his friend, Siju David, embarked on a daring mission to rescue him from the dangerous pit, nicknamed "The Devil's Kitchen."

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The heroic effort which involved him going into the caves that were at an elevation of 2230 meters has been documented in the 2024 Malayalam film, "Manjummel Boys." The movie does an excellent job of keeping the viewer captivated from beginning to end with its screenplay and award-worthy cinematography. The actors also do a fantastic job of portraying the emotions that an individual would go through in such a situation. The film has been able to reach wider audiences thanks to the presence of English subtitles, making it a hit across many states in India.

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Subhash worked at a fabrication unit in Ernakulam and decided to go on a vacation with nine of his childhood friends to Kodaikanal. The group decided to visit Guna Caves which is when he fell into the deep cave while attempting to cross a crevice. The Hindu published a report titled, "A friend in need," which was published in the Kochi edition of The Hindu on the 14th of October in 2006. The area that the group visited was not open to the public. Subhash recalled, "A board nearby warns the public against entering the area, but it is in Tamil."

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As a result, the group had no idea about the danger that awaited them within the restricted area. The report suggests that he fell to an approximate depth of 80 feet in a short period and eventually cried for help. His friends rushed to contact the local police to begin rescue efforts, but they were not very helpful. Eventually, the Fire Services and Forest Department showed up and put a rope into the cave, hoping Subhash could be rescued like that. However, visibility was very low and nobody knew if Subhash could even reach the rope. The spot had claimed ten lives before Subhas fell in, so rescue personnel were not willing to enter the caves.

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Siju David put it all on the line and went in to save his friend, utilizing a 50-foot-long rope. Fortunately, he found Subhash within the cave system and rescued him with another rope, with which the rescue team pulled them both. At the time, the brave rescue went mostly unnoticed in both Kerala and Tamil Nadu but was brought back into the limelight with the release of "Manjummel Boys." Siju David remarked on how many others could have been saved if there had been people willing to go into the caves. You can check out the trailer for the movie on YouTube.

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