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Man succeeds in making serious-faced royal guard break character and smile

The video is extremely hilarious and the conversation with the guard will put a smile on your face.

Man succeeds in making serious-faced royal guard break character and smile
Image Source: Reddit/erabfdr00

If you have ever been to royal palaces, you might know that the royal guards follow strict rules of discipline. They can stand still for hours and maintain an intense countenance. However, one man is going viral for making a royal guard laugh. He pretended like he went to school with one of the royal guards and decided to make him laugh. The video was posted on Reddit by u/erabfdr00 and has received more than 82k upvotes. 

The video starts with a person asking the man standing beside a royal guard. He asks, "How long do you know this man?" And the man in the video replies that he has known him for 30 years. He says that he went to Kensington college with him and learned martial arts together. The guard says nothing and his facial expressions are as serious as one can be. He continues, "He was not very talkative. He used to sit by himself and read books." The man reveals that he used to answer every question with a nod and did not talk much. Moreover, he says that the guard's mother picked him up from school till he was 20 years old.

Image Source: Reddit
Image Source: Reddit


At this point, the guard couldn't control his laughter and bursts into a wide grin. The man walks away as soon as he makes the guard laugh. Nobody knows if he really knows him, but this video is extremely delightful and put a smile on everyone's faces. A Reddit user u/No-Struggle-3297 commented, "He caught his stride with the mother's comment." Another person u/Flaky_Explanation said, "From the first little twitch, you can see this is a battle he wouldn't win lol." u/Azihayya commented, "I really like the part where they didn't push his boundaries." Another person, u/sanctuary-dweller, replied to this comment by saying, "Seriously, could tell the guard was enjoying it. Dude came in, had a good laugh with the guard, and set off into the sunset." 

In another hilarious video, Ann Milligan asked her nine-year-old daughter to smile more during the high-school musical. Milligan says in a video shared on TikTok, "My daughter had her final rehearsal for the school musical yesterday. This is how it went." She showed some footage of her daughter having a blank expression. Milligan added, "Afterward, I regrettably said the one thing that no female *ever* wants to hear. 'Try to smile more.'" When it came time for the performance, Milligan videotaped her daughter and discovered that "she took [her] advice *exactly* like you'd expect."


The film then cuts to Evie's performance, during which she can be seen laughing maniacally with her eyes bulging, her neck bent and her nostrils flaring. She kept the expression throughout the "Beauty and the Beast Tell All" performance, staring directly at her mother in the crowd. Milligan said, "I'm pretty sure the other parents are pissed right now. And I can't even be mad at my kid because I’ve never laughed so hard in my life." Milligan added, "One little girl who was next to her whispered, 'You don’t have to smile that big.' When she looked into the audience, I had mascara running down my face from laughing — that’s when she decided she was going to do it the whole show."

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