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Miraculous moment man rescued 11 days after the earthquake in Turkey finds out his family is safe

He got to meet his 12-day-old daughter for the first time and was relieved to know that his mother, wife and entire family had survived.

Miraculous moment man rescued 11 days after the earthquake in Turkey finds out his family is safe
Image Source: Twitter/GoodNewsCorrespondent

The earthquake in Turkey and Syria has claimed the lives of more than 46,000 people. People have lost their homes and families and have gone through severely traumatic events. Amid such chaos, the story of families reuniting is extremely reassuring and heartwarming at the same time. It imparts hope and puts a smile on everyone's faces. One such story is of Mustafa Avci, who was rescued after being stuck under the rubble of a health center for 261 hours after the earthquake. In a video shared by GoodNewsCorrespondent on Twitter, Avci can be seen calling to check on his family. 

Image Source: Twitter
Image Source: Twitter


The 33-year-old was rescued alongside Mehmet Ali Sakiroglu, 26. They got trapped when the health center they were at in Antakya collapsed on February 6, as two massive earthquakes ravaged south-west Turkey and portions of Syria, per Daily Mail. Avci immediately called for his family and he can be heard saying, "Kadir?" When the person on the phone immediately recognizes him, Avci says, "How are you? My dear brother." 

Image Source: Twitter
Image Source: Twitter


In the video, the person on the phone politely asks where he is and he replies, "I'm fine. No problem whatsoever. I think I'm in the Education and Research Hospital. They will transfer me to wherever is available. I am completely fine." He then asked if he is the brother of AbdulKadir and the man replies with a smile. The man on the phone breaks down in tears saying, "Brother, where are you for god's sake?" Avci immediately asks, "How is mum and everyone else doing?" With hesitation, as he does not want to hear bad news. However, he is delighted to hear that everyone is fine and is waiting for him. The man says, "Your baby is waiting for you." He asks, "Did they all make it?" and is told that everyone in his family is absolutely okay. Avci requests if he could hear their voices for just a minute and says to the person holding the phone, "God bless you, brother. Thank you so much for this."



Photos from the hospital show his wife Bilge for the first time giving newborn Almile to her father. When reclining back on a hospital bed, Avci is seen caressing his daughter's head while still connected to different medical tubes. Their heartwarming pictures bought tears to everyone's eyes as it accurately displays that Avci is one of the lucky ones to see his family again.

Twitter user @MasterPoLives commented, "When he asks to hear his family’s voices, 'even just for a little bit,' my eyes started watering. I’m so happy for Mustafa and his family. Another person @Deeswishh said, "Wow! Trapped for 11 days! Powerful Anything is possible with the strength and will to live and see another day hoping to see your family!" Twitter user @power_jaguar said, "I’m in tears. What sweet people. What fear & loss they’ve been through together. It’s amazing he survived nearly 11 days buried under rubble." These beautiful moments in times of a humanitarian crisis bring hope in the dark times.

This is a developing story and we'll update you as we learn more. The information about the earthquake is swiftly changing and Upworthy is committed to providing the most recent and verified updates in our articles and reportage. However, considering the frequency of developments, some of the information/data in this article may have changed since the time of publication.

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