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Meet Toco, the man who spent $14,000 on a realistic dog costume and a giant cage to live his dream

Toco has shared videos of himself pretending to be a dog, which includes playing, eating, and walking on a leash.

Meet Toco, the man who spent $14,000 on a realistic dog costume and a giant cage to live his dream
Cover Image Source: Youtube | I want to be an animal

For one man in Japan, having the freedom to do whatever he wants at home means being locked in a cage. While being confined in a cage at home is arguably the opposite of what people call freedom, for Toco, it is a means to fulfill his aspiration of living as a dog, as reported by The DailyMail. Many people would likely agree that a dog's life is a pretty good one, with no worries except for being a "good boy" and receiving belly rubs all day. Toco now shares his experiences of living as a dog on YouTube and recently disclosed that he acquired a realistic collie dog costume and a huge cage as a part of his dog lifestyle - both of which cost him around $14,000. 


In his videos, Toco explains that he is not given free rein in the house, and instead, he gets "locked in a cage" when he's living as a dog. The clips depict him settling in his small jail as the lights go out, and pawing at the bars as he fully immerses himself in the role of a collie dog begging to be released. He is also shown being clipped to a lead, all set for a walk and exhibiting good behavior by offering a toy in exchange for head scratches. Toco's latest video has received over 20,000 views on YouTube, with many viewers lauding him for staying committed to his aspirations. 


Toco told Mirror, "Since childhood, I have had this unspecific fantasy of becoming an animal. I wonder whether it was a desire for transformation." He has also mastered the art of eating fake dog food, using a lift to go outside and lounging in a hammock. The $14k realistic dog costume he wears was purchased from Zeppet, a well-known Japanese agency that creates sculptures and models for movies. Toco chose the collie breed for his canine persona because it is his favorite breed of dog. According to reports, Zeppet spent 40 days crafting the costume, with Toco constantly requesting changes to ensure it was just right.


An employee from the agency revealed that they had to study the skeletal structure of a dog extensively to create a realistic design. They said, "In addition, we collect photographs taken from various angles so that the beautiful coat of the collie can be reproduced and devised so that the coat will flow naturally." Toco's realistic dog costume has garnered a global following, and his YouTube channel has provided a community for people with similar interests to connect and express themselves. 

One person commented on a recent video, "You inspire us to fulfil our dreams too," while another added, "I hope I become the animal I want to be as well. You're an inspiration to us." Toco's supporters provide him with reassurance that his desire to be an animal isn't abnormal, and that he shouldn't feel the need to keep it hidden from his loved ones. Another person wrote, "Don't be nervous of people seeing you! You're just a guy with a quirky hobby. There's nothing wrong with that!"

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