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Man shows how millennial managers talk with their employees in meetings and it's so accurate

Millennial managers tend to value their employees not just as a resource, but also as human beings and that's how they win.

Man shows how millennial managers talk with their employees in meetings and it's so accurate
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @therobdon567

Managers have always been known to be strict, barely understanding and more authoritative than role model-like, but that has changed tremendously ever since millennials started getting into managerial roles. In a viral video posted by Rob–who goes by @therobdon567 on Instagram–he showcases how millennial managers converse in meetings, which is on point. This video has led to people debating over the reasons as to why that is the case and it will surely make you think.

Image Source: Instagram | @therobdon567
Image Source: Instagram | @therobdon567

Rob's video has an overlay text that read, "Pov: you have a millennial manager" - it is from the employer's point of view. He begins the video by saying, "Jamie! What's up? I'm sorry for the late lunch. I'm all over the place." Rob says this while seeming to be cleaning up his desk quickly. He tells Jamie he's trying to just catch up with things and needs a second. Once he is all settled up, he lets everyone know that it's that time of the month that everyone likes. He sarcastically asks, "Monthly check-ins. Everyone's favorite, right?" He then goes on to empathize with his employees and says, "Trust me. These are just as annoying for us as they are for you guys. It's just nothing but paperwork that doesn't get anything accomplished." 

Image Source: Instagram | @therobdon567
Image Source: Instagram | @therobdon567

He then jokingly says how none of it matters, as who even cares about efficiency? He then interrupts himself to ask Jamie, "How's your stomach? You feeling okay?" When Jamie replies affirmatively, Rob scolds her and says, "By the way, I saw you responding to Tom while you were out. Do not do that." He further adds, "No, I don't expect you to work while you're out sick. Are you insane, please? If you're sick or it's past 5:30, I don't want any of you guys opening your laptop." Rob goes on to emphasize how his employee's mental and physical health is more important to him than their company's efficiency. He also proceeds to tell Jamie not to use her time when she picks up his child Charlie from daycare. He says, "No, I'm not gonna fault you for being a good mom who picks up her kid. Okay?"

Image Source: Instagram | @therobdon567
Image Source: Instagram | @therobdon567

He simply asks Jamie to inform him beforehand so he can block out her calendar. He spills a secret and says, "Besides, I run errands all the time. I don't use my time. Yeah, I'm not gonna ask you guys to do something that I wouldn't do. That's so stupid." After taking some check-ins, he confirms with Jamie that she isn't overwhelmed and has the bandwidth for the things she's working on currently. He also offers to load some of her work off in case she is feeling overwhelmed.

He says that as long as work gets done, he doesn't care. When Jamie mentions a Greece trip she had already gotten clearance for but was asked to go through the portal by someone named Erin, Rob gets upset. He exclaims, "Oh my God. She's so annoying and her condescending tone." He further adds, "I'll deal with Erin. She's a kiss a**. Besides, she's not allowed to speak with anyone on my team without going through me first. It's a pecking order."

Image Source: Instagram | @jennmarieward
Image Source: Instagram | @jennmarieward

He ends the meeting on a fun note and promises to send Jamie memes a colleague sent him. @elizannmorr said, "This is how you get loyal, dependable workers that will drop everything to help out: show the slightest bit of humanity. @vincenz_ said, "We're a good generation. We've been through a lot and I think it made us nicer, lol." @jenevaarmande said, "I'll say it once and I'll say it again: People don't leave bad jobs, they leave bad managers. A fantastic manager who advocates for you can make the most mind-numbing jobs seem tolerable." 

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