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Man shows how corporations are ironically missing the point of gender equality in workplaces

Corporations across the world are making subpar efforts for gender quality and their results are completely ironic.

Man shows how corporations are ironically missing the point of gender equality in workplaces
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @fentifriedchicken

Gender inequality still exists in various despite a global effort to eradicate it from everywhere. It is seen in corporate spaces where female employees are overlooked and underpaid. There is a disparity in pay and a lack of respect and recognition on a gender basis. While companies claim to get rid of the same with fancy policies and practices, stereotypical thinking and mindset are subconsciously hindering the process. Joe Fenti—who goes by @fentifriedchicken on Instagram—shared an eye-opening video depicting organizations and their pointless policies to bring in gender equality and how they are failing ironically.

Image Source: Instagram|@fentifriedchicken
Image Source: Instagram | @fentifriedchicken

In his video, he took on the role of a male employee and relayed a conversation with another male colleague. “I’m so glad we’re getting together to talk about gender equality in the workplace,” the first colleague said. While adding to this, the other employee emphasized, “Yes, it is so important that we empower our female colleagues.” Coming to the problematic part, Fenti sarcastically pointed out how employees manage to add a bias even there. “Before we begin, I’d like to hear my voice in this conversation,” the male employee said.

Image Source: Instagram|@fentifriedchicken
Image Source: Instagram | @fentifriedchicken

While the other colleague agreed and shared his one-sided thoughts, the conversation about female empowerment ironically left out the opinion of the main class in question: females. “We should hear from our other 13 male leaders as well,” the employee mentioned. “Of course, I really want their perspective on the female experience,” the other replied. The employees bragged about how they were so open-minded in wanting to discuss gender discrimination but were discriminating in the discussion itself. Fenti went on to hilariously point out male colleague names that they’d choose to collect repeated perspectives from rather than even offer to acquire the female opinion on the female matter.

Image Source: Instagram|@fentifriedchicken
Image Source: Instagram | @fentifriedchicken

“John, Michael, James, John S., Robert, John R., Jack, Matthew and John T.” “We are all so amazing for having these conversations,” the employee boasted. “We are true heroes for having this conversation and everyone on LinkedIn should know about this,” the colleague replied. With this futile exchange in the form of a discussion, the employees ended their conversation as they were “running out of time.” “That was a valuable fifteen minutes and I cannot wait until the next conversation about gender equality,” he added. Fenti described in dialogue how several companies project the idea of being open and liberalized but are still stuck on their backward and patriarchal mindset.

Bringing to light gender discrimination has become more of a marketing tool than a concern to be solved and encourage change and Fenti accurately portrayed the same. In his caption, he wrote, “Empowering our women one male voice at a time.” Several employees agreed with the comedian’s revelation. @inthekisser shared an example saying, “CEO: ‘I am a champion of gender equality in the workplace because I have daughters…who are primarily cared for by my wife who left her prestigious law career to be a SAHM.’” @tracyvaleri remarked, “I have worked in corporate America for 25 years. I’m at a very large, very well-known institution. This series nails it.” @gxt16 added more by sarcastically saying, “I was at this meeting. John T was truly inspiring. His wife had baked cookies for us all.”

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