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Man shares relatable story of how his wife takes forever to order at restaurants and it's hilarious

The man comedically describes how his wife does not think about looking at the menu while they wait for their turn in the queue.

Man shares relatable story of how his wife takes forever to order at restaurants and it's hilarious
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | RDNE Stock project, Reddit/TheElMatadORR

Going out to eat at fast-food places is something that most people enjoy. Not having to cook at home and trying out new cuisines at an affordable rate makes it convenient for many working individuals. However, even though fast food implies that the food arrives quickly, people often end up not being able to decide what they want, making it seem like the fate of the universe hinges on the dish they choose. It's always hilarious to see the indecisiveness on their faces as they contemplate their order. A man shared his funny story on Reddit about his wife, who took too long to decide what to get at fast-food establishments. u/TheElMatadORR, whose post is titled, "My wife takes forever to order at fast-food restaurants," has gained over 40.7K upvotes on the platform with over 6.9K comments.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Kampus Production
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Kampus Production


The man starts by stating that he and his wife have been married for 13 years. They travel quite a bit and occasionally get fast food and at that point, the wife "makes a big production at looking at the menu." He comedically describes how the woman does not think to look at the menu while they are waiting in the queue. Moreover, since she pays no attention to the menu, she is shocked to find out that certain dishes are no longer available. The husband's woes do not end there as the wife continues adding or removing ingredients from the items she ends up ordering. The entire process takes 5 minutes owing to the woman's quirky ordering. In an edit to the post, he informs other users that he tried going to a drive-through or getting the menu ahead of time, both of which did not yield any success.

People on the platform could relate to the husband's tricky situation and started sharing their stories in the comment section. u/Bazoun commented, "Oh God, my husband went through a phase like that. It drove me insane. I spoke to him about it and he brushed it off. The next time we were in line at a fast food place, I stopped our conversation and told him to choose his order. He said he knew what he wanted. I asked him what he was going to order. He looked at the overhead screens and realized he did NOT know what he wanted. I repeated this the next two times we went out to eat and it seemed to break the habit. But I acted on this quickly. It might be harder to get someone to stop if they've been doing this longer." 


Another user, u/carnivorous_seahorse, shared a similar situation, saying, "People who act shocked at fast food restaurants are like the people who buy lottery cards at the gas station every day but act as they've never even considered purchasing one until that very moment." u/LarryFieri gave a useful suggestion: "Download the restaurant's app and place your order online to avoid this awkward wait at the register. Then your wife can customize, take things off and see everything the menu has to offer right in front of her eyes before you even get there."

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