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Man shares how Ohio names it's snow plows through a competition and it's a laugh riot

He couldn't get over the fact that Ohio came up with not just a creative but downright hilarious way of naming snow plows and they're too good.

Man shares how Ohio names it's snow plows through a competition and it's a laugh riot
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @worldshaker

People have ways of bringing out the humor in every situation and through this life becomes a lot easier and tolerable. Michael Vaughn—who goes by @worldshaker on Instagram—shared a mind-boggling fact and the internet is completely losing it. The dad revealed that the state of Ohio has an interesting way of naming snow plows that had him laughing on the floor. “Ohio names its snow plows based on the results of a competition,” Vaughn said. He then explained that the names were not serious, scientific or natural but were ambiguous and hilarious

Image Source: Instagram| @worldshaker
Image Source: Instagram| @worldshaker

“People can submit names that they’ve voted on and I want to share the winners of 2022,” he said, trying hard to control his laughter. “Clearopathra” Vaughn said, indicating the pun of “Clearing the path.” The next one was a pun that came from the popular children’s movie, “The Wizard of Oz.” However, the people of Ohio made things super edgy with an edit, reading it as, “The Blizzard of Oz.” Each of the names had some snow or snow plow-related pun and it was worth a  laugh to hear each one of them. “Ohio Thaw Enforcement,” Vaughn read.

Image Source: Instagram| @worldshaker
Image Source: Instagram| @worldshaker

The next one had some element of science in it but was still too funny to believe. “Control+ Salt+ Delete,” he said, indicating the property salt possesses to melt and thereby “delete” the snow. “The Big Leplowski,” was another name suggested followed by “You’re killing me Squalls.” The last name Vaughn read was bound to have people falling to the floor laughing as the man himself wasn’t able to keep a straight face and was chuckling away. “Plowchicka plow-wow,” he said, absolutely losing any control of his ability to keep a straight ace. “This is the best thing Ohio has done,” he concluded. In his caption, he wrote, "Well done Ohio."

Image Source: Instagram| @worldshaker
Image Source: Instagram | @worldshaker

People went crazy over the hysterical names and others even pointed out that this is just not limited to Ohio. Many commented on other areas that follow such creative strategies. @vtfairygodmother said, “Vermont lets elementary schools pick names for ours!!!” @hanly914 said, “Minnesota has been doing this for years. Some of the winners are amazing. But some of the runner-ups are even better.” @sarahmoorhouse.79 shared that her hometown too had a similar energy saying, “My city Edmonton, Alberta, Canada did this too. 'Buzz Ice Clear', 'Darth Blader', 'Plowasaurus Rex', and 'Snow-be-gone Kenobi' are some of the names chosen.”

@rooted.deeply remarked, “Well a couple of years back we here in Canada voted to name our one new naval ship…'Boaty McBoatface' won by a landslide.” People kept bringing in the names their native people put together and it was a laugh riot. @megancrossphotogrpahyvt said, “We do this in Vermont too! We've got 'Plow-zilla', 'Lord Snowdemort', 'Fast and Flurrious', 'The Final Plowdown', and 'Snowbegone Kenobi'. Elementary schools all submit names and also celebrate 'Plow Day'.” @melaniedgrimm said, “It’s how we make it through midwestern winter.” @annettematzen pitched in saying, “So does Arizona. We have one named ‘Alice Scooper.’” @katiebosox said, "Massachusetts too! Kids in our city won with 'Snowhemian Rhapsody!'"

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