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Man shares chat screenshot to show how 'working with Gen Z is funny, draining and interesting'

The employee sent a TikTok video and the caption, 'Good morning, Sir' on a Monday morning and the boss found it hilarious.

Man shares chat screenshot to show how 'working with Gen Z is funny, draining and interesting'
Cover Image Source: Pexels | Andrea Piacquadio, X | @Chrisllionaire_

Many people appreciate Gen-Z's perception of life and work because they know how to balance both. A boss shared his experience working with a Gen-Z, and though it is not void of challenges he accepted that it is fun. Chris shared a screenshot of messages that he received from his employee which he later realized was a prank on him. The post on X reads, "The message I woke up to this morning...working with GenZ is funny, draining, interesting. Everything."

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Ryutaro Tsukata
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Ryutaro Tsukata

The messages from his employee included a TikTok video that was captioned, "Good morning, Sir." The video had an animated character singing, "Boss, I'm not coming to work today. I can't see. Nothing wrong with my eyes." Then goes on to say, "I just can't see myself coming to work today. Thank you." The boy in the video continues to dance and sing, "In other words, I'm not one a***ole today. Don't tell me about work today. I'm on the road today." He continues, "Me on some pretty beaches. I'm out on the boat today. I don't care what time of the day it is. I'm drinking rum today." Chris shared that he would be laughing all week after reading the Gen-Z's messages. Many employees would have thought twice before sending such a video to their employer, but William didn't mind sharing it with his boss.

Image Source:  X | @Chrisllionaire
Image Source: X | @Chrisllionaire

In the following messages, Chris asked him, "William, what's this??" and he responded, "Exactly what the video says, Sir" with some sad emojis. The boss shared on social media that he found the messages funny and gave an update on what exactly transpired. He wrote, "He pranked me. Got to work before everyone else and told them not to let me know he was there. I don't usually go to the office on Mondays, so I didn't know he was already at work. I called him in the morning to check in, but the silly boy didn't pick up. Instead, he messaged me on WhatsApp this afternoon. I love GenZs."

Image Source: Twitter | @Chrisllionaire_
Image Source: Twitter | @Chrisllionaire_

He also added the screenshot messages from William that read, “Good afternoon, boss. Sorry, it’s a prank. Got to the office before everybody.” The boss replied, “Silly boy. So what should be the appropriate fine for pranking me on a Monday morning?” People in the comments shared that they enjoyed the conversation between the two. @Tabeetha_a commented, “I need your kind of boss.” @TheOakenBrand wrote, “I like that you and your staff communicate like this.”

@claudieseyes said, “Lol you must be very cordial with your staff if he had the nerve to send you this on a Monday morning.” @i_iyanz expressed, “Awww it's so cool to see relatable bosses you could laugh with.” @jennipha_ said, “Beautiful interaction between you and your staff. I love it!” The interesting part is the way the boss handled the whole situation. Instead of getting upset with the messages from the Gen-Z, he decided to take it as a joke and laugh about it.


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