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Man shares cake hack that reduces crumbs and it's ingenious

The video says, 'Instead of cutting into a cake if you cut in from the side you won't have any of those cake crumbs dragging through the frosting.'

Man shares cake hack that reduces crumbs and it's ingenious
Cover Image Source: TikTok/ @sidneyraz

It happens quite often that whenever a slice of cake is cut, a lot of crumbs are left behind. A TikTok user @sidneyraz found a hack that would come in handy for anyone and solves this problem of cake crumbs falling everywhere. It begins with a clip from another video. It says, "Instead of cutting into a cake, if you cut in from the side, you won't have any of those cake crumbs dragging through the frosting."

Image Source: TikTok/ @sidneyraz
Image Source: TikTok/ @sidneyraz


"What!?" says @sidneyraz in the video. "Here's something I didn't know until I was in my 30s. A cake is supposed to be cut from the side to eliminate crumbs?" Then he can be seen cutting a cake from the side using a knife. "Cut from the side piece." He cuts another piece, but this time cuts downwards. "Sidepiece definitely has fewer crumbs. Cutting from the side is better," he concludes the video.

Image Source: TikTok/ @sidneyraz
Image Source: TikTok/ @sidneyraz


The video has about 973k views and 48k likes. He captions the video, "Sure sure sure obviously." Many on the social media platform had different ideas on how a cake could be cut. @biancazennonsson commented, "Wow. I. Did. Not. Know. That. Omg." @queenofspades100 wrote, "Young man ABSOLUTELY THE WRONG KNIFE for either this hurts my soul but good to know." @tiffinierose pointed out, "I worked at a bakery part-time and a trick I learned is for more pieces you cut a circle in the cake to get more slices." @noshit60 suggested, "Have you ever used sewing thread? You can also wrap it around each index finger then pull over the top or slice it in half easy." @atoandres commented, "I work in a bakery. I just wipe/rinse off the knife after every 2 slices if I want clean cuts." @snicolilla wrote, "Next time try with a sharper knife. I know it’s cake, but it makes a difference."

Hacks make people's life easier in a lot of ways and the internet is flooded with them. In another amazing hack, people got to know that pancakes can be cooked in air fryers. A video posted on TikTok by Currys uses a Tefal Easy Fry air fryer to cook six fluffy pancakes, according to The Independent

Image Source: TikTok/ @sidneyraz
Image Source: TikTok/ @sidneyraz


When the pancakes were taken out of the air fryer, they looked perfectly cooked and then they were presented onto a plate with chocolate syrup poured on top. The video was posted on Twitter, with many people trying the recipe.

@Tani-twetz wrote: “I was so anti-air fryers because who wants to eat dry chips and chicken, now that I see what more you can do with them, I’m reconsidering and I’m thinking of adding one to my cart.” @Lala2Gunz said: "Air Fryers were sent from the heavens. My oven broke around Thanksgiving (the stovetop still worked) and I made the majority of the dinner in my air fryer. Here’s how my baked mac turned out. I was in awe." However, some people who tried the hack are calling it fake. Some say that the baking paper should have been burnt due to the heat but in the video, it looked untouched. "Before y’all go ruining good pancake mix, this is FAKE! Someone tried it on YouTube and it did not work. And this isn’t the only time I’ve seen it debunked," said @IGawtTheDoorTor.

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