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Man shares a simple energy-saving hack that saves money and enhances comfort at home

With winter heating costs potentially becoming exorbitant, his advice revolves around identifying and blocking drafts.

Man shares a simple energy-saving hack that saves money and enhances comfort at home
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @findusinphilly

Small tricks can have a significant impact. A TikTok user recently shared a straightforward yet effective hack that has the potential to reduce our monthly energy expenses while also maintaining a cozy, warm home environment. Considering the potential for winter heating costs to soar, this money-saving tip is surely a welcome discovery for anyone. Arik—who goes by @findusinphilly—who works in real estate, shared a piece of advice and wrote in the caption, "Save money and make your house more comfortable by finding where heat is escaping! Big fixes are good but in the short term you may be surprised by how much difference a piece of tape, a rolled-up towel, or a fully closed window can make!"

Image Source: Instagram | @findusinphilly
Image Source: Instagram | @findusinphilly

His advice focuses on how to reduce your energy bill by blocking drafts. "One of the most important things you can do in cold weather that’ll save you money and make your house more comfortable is to block drafts," he explains in the video. To sweeten the deal, using less heat requires less energy, which is also beneficial to the environment. If your home lacks insulation, it may not heat properly. One of the rooms could be colder than the others. Follow the cold to find out where it is going.

He suggests playing a "hot and cold" game in which you walk through the house and identify which rooms are generally colder. Then, try to figure out where the draft is coming from so you can fix it. Cracks around windows and door frames should be thoroughly investigated. He suggests that we properly close the windows and cover the holes with tape to prevent heat from escaping. This keeps the house cozy and warm and also saves energy and money on bills.

A few people in the comments also suggested more energy-saving hacks that were approved by the realtor. "Many put cellophane on the windows in the winter to give an added barrier," commented @cpmortgageteam. "Personally I’ve taken to using rope caulking," shared @hefty_punk. "It takes too much time to figure out where the draft is so I just place a towel at the bottom of most of the window seals and doors," wrote @big_text.

"I used dry ice and a fan to find out I had a draft at the bottom of my front door," added @mortgage_man_mike. @sharbzzz asked for another piece of advice. "I’d like to release heat from my too-hot back bedroom," to which the realtor suggested, "A fan set back from but pointing toward an open door or window will move more air due to physics of airflow."

Image Source: Instagram | @findusinphilly
Image Source: Instagram | @findusinphilly

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Image Source: TikTok | @anna.antonje.gvn
Image Source: TikTok | @anna.antonje.gvn

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