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Man shares a lazy hack to get juice out of lemon easily and it works like a charm

For the times when people hope for more lemon juice without seeds, this hack will definitely save the day.

Man shares a lazy hack to get juice out of lemon easily and it works like a charm
Cover Image Source: TikTok|@gersonrepreza

Finding hassle-free ways to get things done makes the process undoubtedly fun. For instance, cooking can always be a stress-buster, but often, it gets frustrating and tiring. After making a lovely cake batter or cheesy pasta, the last thing one wants is to get lemon seeds into them while squeezing out the lemon juice. People have been stuck on the traditional method of juicing the lemon with appliances or cutting up the lemon and adding the risk of the bitter, taste-shattering seeds. Gerson Repreza—who goes by @gersonrepreza on TikTok—shared a video revealing a quicker and easier method that does not cost an entire appliance or bitter shenanigans.

Image Source: TikTok|@gersonrepreza
Image Source: TikTok | @gersonrepreza

“I was today years old when I found out about this,” Repreza exclaimed. The man was in his kitchen while cooking something delicious in a pan. He realized that he required lemon juice. Instead of cutting up or squeezing the lemon, he got a toothpick and his lemon. He then ingeniously pierced the lemon at its head with the toothpick to the center of the lemon, where its pulp and juice were. Repreza did have to indulge in poking the toothpick a few times to get a clear pathway or hole through from the head to the middle of the lemon. After doing that, all one needed was a little manpower to press the lemon hard and the juice came right out. Reprieza demonstrated it to check whether it worked and after pressing the lemon with a little pressure, the juice came out with a thin flow, with zero seeds or pulp.

Image Source: TikTok|@gersonrepreza
Image Source: TikTok|@gersonrepreza

It was as though one were getting filtered lemon juice without even sifting or filtering. “You don’t even have to cut it,” he remarked, absolutely baffled by the tactic. He was able to get a few tablespoons of lemon juice into the pan without any hassle. “Way less mess, how crazy is this!?” he exclaimed. Sharing his tactic with others, people were astounded by the ease of the method. This method is irresistible for those who like to do minimal dishes, cooking or engage in a super quick cooking spree. @c.dawt hilariously said, “Excuse me, you’re telling me ‘Easy peasy lemon squeezy’ were actual instructions?” @alanesque added, “Roll the lemon on the table and then poke the hole, less pressure is needed to get the juice out.”

Image Source: TikTok|@kalez1997
Image Source: TikTok|@kalez1997
Image Source: TikTok|@jessicajupiter
Image Source: TikTok|@jessicajupiter

@food4relief said, “I did this at work yesterday and today I heard a guy yell, ‘Why is this lemon empty?’” Though many acknowledged the tactic, they also believed that it is better to cut up the lemon or use traditional methods to get the entire amount of juice out without wasting anything. That method often crushes the pulp, extracting more juice, which is often preferred by many. @getrealhomie8000 remarked, “The most bitter part of the lemon is on the ends. You should be cutting off those parts instead of extracting juice from it.” @chirstinapetwayy said, “I mean it’s cool but it’s also not hard to cut a lemon and squeeze it.” @jaymebray wrote, “Not me seeing this after I just bought my lemon squeezer.”

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