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Man shares a heartwarming story about how libraries foster a great learning environment

The rise of e-books and online reading options has raised concerns about the future of physical libraries, which offer a unique and irreplaceable community space.

Man shares a heartwarming story about how libraries foster a great learning environment
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @mychal3ts

The advent of e-books has made physical libraries very vulnerable. Recently Houston shut down many public libraries converting them to multipurpose rooms, as reported by The Guardian. Though online books are a great way for people to read without going from one place to another, the environment that the library creates is unmatched. The library has the power to create a community in which individuals can collaborate and create a great human experience. It was evident in a recent viral video on Instagram, where Mychal—who goes by @mychal3ts on Instagram—narrated how three kids elevated their reading experience. It shows how the library is an essential structure that should be safeguarded in society and not cast aside because of the internet.

Image Source: Instagram/ Photo by mychal3ts
Image Source: Instagram | mychal3ts

Mychal, who works in Solano County Library, narrated the incident. He recounted how a kid went to the Spanish section of the library and got a book from there to read. The catch was that he did not know Spanish and asked his father to help him. Unfortunately, his father was also not proficient in the language and asked the kid to wait for a while and they will get another book. The kid was a bit disappointed, but another boy approached him to help. As a result, his pursuit of reading was not disturbed and he did not need to compromise.

Image Source: Instagram/ Photo by mychal3ts
Image Source: Instagram | mychal3ts

At first, the boy helped the kid, who offered to read the book with him, saying, "I think I know Spanish." Sometime later, his guardian approached the first kid's father to tell him that even his kid did not know Spanish. The only reason he participated in the exchange was because he liked to make people happy. The pair of kids were smiling, finding joy in their effort to understand the book's content. Later on, another kid joined them, who was a little old and began to explain to them the content of the book as he knew Spanish. After everything, he came to his grandma and proudly expressed his happiness at helping the kids. Seeing the adorable interaction, Mychal says at the end of the video, "I'm now confident that library kids are going to save the world."

Image Source: Instagram/ Photo by @ginayashere
Image Source: Instagram

Mychal uploaded the video with the caption, "Libraries and library books bring the people together!" The caption reflects how the library and the environment it provides makes reading a collaborative experience allowing different people to enter fictional worlds together. If this was to take place online, the whole experience would be a bit lonely by nature and even though individuals could be invited to the online forum, the experience would not be nearly as satisfactory. 

In a survey conducted by Otter, 95% of people believed in-person meetings to be more effective. It is because it is a more satisfactory way to communicate and share emotions. These emotions have the power to elevate the reading experience.

Image Source: Instagram/ Photo by @lotuspicts
Image Source: Instagram

The comment section, like Mychal, found the whole thing adorable. @jess_marie_g expressed her emotions regarding the interaction and wrote, "Yup, this definitely made me cry happy tears!" @sunflowers_and_sass_ loved how the children came together through their love for books, "'He doesn't know Spanish. He just really likes people.' Same, buddy, same. Love this story. It would make a great children's book!"

Watch the full video here:

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