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Man shared the heartbreak of losing touch with his best friend. The internet stepped up and reunited them

Somto lost touch with his best friend when he was forced to change schools, but hearing his story, people were moved to help him find his pal.

Man shared the heartbreak of losing touch with his best friend. The internet stepped up and reunited them
Cover Image Source: Twitter| @somto_Ihezue

People usually form the most intimate relationships in school. For those who are fortunate enough, these friendships grow and become bonds of a lifetime. However, some disconnect at a young age while others face the tragedy of losing touch with a dear friend. A man named Somto (@somto_Ihezue) shared a post on X (previously Twitter), expressing his grievance about losing touch with a childhood best friend, Daniel when he was in school. However, people were moved by his post and encouraged and helped the man to find his long-lost best friend. He shared a tear-jerking message that explained how he lost touch with Daniel. 

Representative Image Source: Pexels| RDNE Stock Project
Representative Image Source: Pexels| RDNE Stock Project

“When I was 7, my mum took me to a new school without prior notice and I was admitted on the spot. My best friend from my old school snuck into the new school to find me and I pretended like I didn’t know him. He left heartbroken and I never saw him again. Daniel, I’m so sorry,” Somto wrote. In several follow-up threads, he further mentioned the wholesome bond he shared with Daniel. “I remember we used to go sliding down a massive erosion site in our neighborhood and our white uniforms would turn super brown with dirt. It was the most dangerous thing, but we did it anyway,” he wrote in one of the threads



A few threads later, Somto mentioned that he was reminiscing about his buddy and wished to have had him throughout. “In another life, we’d have run away together, drank Fanta every day and slid down all the steep erosion gullies we wanted. And we’d be primless, unkempt, and infinite,” Somto said in another tweet. People were bawling their eyes at the purity of friendship between the two boys at the time and suggested that Somto trace Daniel. @KDimitratus said, “Find Daniel on social media and tell him.” With several others sharing their stories and urging him to give it a shot, Somto managed to trace his friend. “I just messaged him on Facebook,” Somto said in a thread. 



Daniel recognized his friend and the two immediately caught up like it was yesterday. He even shared screenshots of his conversation with Daniel, with all the humor and nostalgia that was intact between the duo even after years. “Hi Daniel, this is Somto. Don’t know if you still remember me,” he wrote. Daniel gave a super cheerful reply, saying, “Somto! Why not?” “You still look like you!” Somto said. To this, Daniel replied, “You haven’t changed too! My brother told me to check Facebook and I saw this surprise!” After catching up, the two even got to make amends.




“7-8 years. You left me alone in IDS!” Daniel complained. “I didn’t mean to. My mum forced me to change schools because you were always telling me to jump on that site next to school,” Somto explained. Daniel immediately understood and things cleared, paving the way for the duo to have a new start to their friendship. “Hope mummy is fine. Now we are grown-up men she shouldn’t be afraid of us jumping erosions again,” Daniel joked. Somto agreed and promised his friend that “no one could ever stop us again.” Somto thanked everyone for sharing their story and encouraging him to find Daniel. @Nigerian_Doctor said, “This is a wholesome thread. I am so glad you both found each other again. I am deeply touched.” @HEssentia said, “I’m glad you guys reconnected.”



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