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Save the date! Man set to 'marry' his cat to raise money for Los Angeles animal shelter.

The happy couple hope to raise money for Best Friends Animal Society Los Angeles through their upcoming not-legally-binding wedding.

Save the date! Man set to 'marry' his cat to raise money for Los Angeles animal shelter.
Cover Image Source: Instagram/Scott Perry

The coronavirus pandemic has really forced many to take a long hard look at their relationships. While some relationships faltered under the stress of the ongoing health crisis and the severe limitations it has set on us, others flourished as those involved got to know one another on a deeper level. Scott Perry and Olivia's is one such relationship. So much so that Perry decided to pop the magical question to the lovely Olivia and seal the deal with a well-planned quarantine wedding this coming weekend. Although quarantine weddings are all the rage right now, this one is going to be a bit different because... the bride is a cat.


According to PEOPLE, Perry adopted Olivia—then a 2-year-old, medium-hair feline named Collette—from Best Friends Animal Society Los Angeles back in 2015. However, it took a long time for Olivia to warm up to him as when he and his then-girlfriend brought her home, she preferred to spend most of her time hiding under the furniture. Surprisingly, all that changed when Perry went through a breakup. "I don't know why Olivia pulled the disappearing act, but within days of my girlfriend leaving the next year, Olivia emerged from her shell and has not left my side ever since," he revealed.


Perry and Olivia have shared a beautiful bond in the five years since and have only grown closer over the past two months in quarantine. That's when he decided to pull off an extra-special gesture for his dearly beloved pal to show his appreciation for her. Olivia was laying out on the front porch when Perry popped the question and responded with a "Meow!" which her better half took to mean resounding "yes." Perry and Olivia hope to raise money for Best Friends Animal Society Los Angeles through their upcoming not-legally-binding wedding and also spread some much-needed laughs in the world.


Although it isn't a real nuptial, Perry has taken his wedding planning quite seriously. He started off by setting up a wedding website on Zola filled with details of their big day and a link to their registry where friends, family, and well-wishers can leave a message for the couple and donate to Best Friends. "It was love at first sight! Well, sorta -- Olivia hopped right into my girlfriend's lap and right into our hearts! And then she hid under the bed for months. The girlfriend moved on but Olivia stayed, and as time went on, Olivia became less and less shy," the super authentic-looking wedding website states.


"Fast forward five years, and Olivia is more than happy to speak her mind, to wake me up to feed her and pet her in the early mornings, to let her out on the front porch for brushes in the sun and napping on the lounger, for evening biscuits on my tummy while I watch TV, and lots of treats and playtime in between," it adds. "With the two of us locked down for the crisis, we decided to take the leap and make it official, by offering the world a bright spot to all the bad news out there and to raise money for the very place we met, Best Friends Animal Society NKLA."


Olivia and her human are hoping to raise $5,000 for the shelter and are also encouraging animal lovers to donate to the local animal rescues they adore. Those interested can RSVP on the couple's Zola site (everyone's invited) and watch the wedding live on Perry's Instagram at noon PST on Saturday, May 23. "My kitty has helped me stay sane during this lockdown. Pets allow us to have a warm, positive interaction with another living creature while we have to maintain distance from others. And I am sure that our furry friends have helped millions of others cope with this situation worldwide," said Perry. "The impact of the work that shelters have done is immeasurable. They provide safety to animals and happiness to families throughout the year, especially when we are smack dab in the middle of kitten season. I challenge everyone to donate and adopt from local shelters, and commit to their pet on May 23."


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