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Man sends 'dog dad resume' to woman's dog to impress her. The bar has officially been raised.

If someone is really interested in you, they will invest every last drop of their effort into impressing you and this includes sending a resume to your pet as well.

Man sends 'dog dad resume' to woman's dog to impress her. The bar has officially been raised.
Cover Image Source: Tiktok | @agirlandadoodle

The dating game is getting increasingly competitive these days. But one man had the most unusual idea to become a woman's potential suitor and the TikTok crowd is loving her wholesome video about it. Popular influencer Kat Braden (@agirlandadoodle), who often posts TikTok videos with her adorable pup, apparently received an interesting resume from a man who expressed interest in dating her. But the resume was not meant for Braden. It was for the consideration of her dog, Oliver.

She shared the wacky dog-themed resume over a TikTok video which quickly went viral and netizens couldn't help but applaud the man's creativity and dedication. "The other day, a guy DM’d me asking if he could take me and Oliver out on a date," she said in the clip, which has since gained over 1 million views on the platform. "I told him that all applications have to go through Oliver and to send Oliver his resume and that he would get back to him. This is what the guy sent me."

Image Source: Tiktok | @agirlandadoodle
Image Source: Tiktok | @agirlandadoodle

Screenshots of the resume showed that it was crafted especially for the Goldendoodle dog. The job title of the resume read: "Prospective Professional Dog Dad." The creative fellow listed "shepherd of sheepdogs," having a "gold standard in golden retriever guidance," "tail wag analyst" and "high endurance for games of fetch" under his list of key skills. "Ladies, as we all know, high endurance is key," Braden says in the video. The potential dog dad added on the second page of his resume that he has "devised a 'Wag-While-You-Work' program, increasing tail wagging activity by 60 percent" as well.

Image Source: Tiktok | @agirlandadoodle
Image Source: Tiktok | @agirlandadoodle

Furthermore, the man described himself as someone who has been "invited as a guest speaker at the Annual Retrievers Meet" and has apparently hosted a lecturing session called "Grooming the Gold: A Fur-Ever Bond," which received "a standing ovation and several barks of approval."

In the video, Braden jokes that her dog Oliver is "busy doing a deep dive on his LinkedIn and we’ll see what he says." The video and the man's creative courting methods won the hearts of many online. "This is husband material vibes," commented @iamannasokol. "I am just saying if he went through all this, he deserves a date for sure," wrote @j_miller90. "Perfect example of IF HE WANTS TO, HE WILL!!! Don't settle ladies," urged @shan_non86.

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Although her followers are eagerly looking forward to an update on this story, Braden has not posted a follow-up video yet. In a similar story about men getting creative with their proposals, a fellow decided to rearrange the keys on a keyboard to ask Twitter user @amymaymacc to be his girlfriend.

"I’ll never shut up about this, he proposed to me to be his girlfriend with a keyboard," the girl wrote in the caption of her viral Twitter post. However, not many people are lucky to receive creative proposals like these but Braden's video and this woman's tweet about her boyfriend's unique proposal remind us that people in love can pretty much go to any lengths to express their feelings.


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