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Kind stranger rescues poor sea turtle stuck between coastal rocks and wins over the internet

A green sea turtle had unfortunately got itself stuck between two rocks and was struggling to escape before help arrived.

Kind stranger rescues poor sea turtle stuck between coastal rocks and wins over the internet
Cover Image Source: Reddit | u/westcoastcdn19

One sea turtle got a second shot at life after a good Samaritan turned up to be its lifesaver. An unnamed man was just at the right place at the right time when a sea turtle got stuck on a coastal rock at a Hawaiian beach. A 45-second viral clip posted on Reddit by u/westcoastcdn19 shows the dramatic rescue of the poor turtle. At first, it appears that the man is struggling a bit to set the turtle free but his efforts do not go to waste.

Representational Image Source: Pexels
Representational Image Source: Pexels

“Come on, get out,” the man can be heard saying as he approaches the sea dweller and lifts it by its sides. For a moment, the turtle slipped further down the crevice but the man refuses to give up. After giving it a push from beneath, the turtle finally manages to climb back onto the rock's surface. The poor creature who was desperately waving its flippers from between two rocks ultimately gets saved and sent back to the ocean thanks to the kind heart of the animal-loving stranger.

Image Source: Reddit | u/westcoastcdn19
Image Source: Reddit | u/westcoastcdn19

According to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, adult sea turtles can grow up to 3 feet long and weigh 300-350 lbs (up to 158 kg). It takes 20-30 years for a sea turtle to reach full maturity. While green sea turtles spend most of their time around rocks and reefs, deftly avoiding running into these structures, every once in a while, one ends up getting stuck between coastal rocks, reports Hawai'i Marine Animal Response. Many Reddit users left comments to applaud the man who saved a precious marine life.

u/808morgan shared an experience with sea turtles: "They are pretty derpy, they bump into me when I'm out surfing, they just run right into me and then look around like what's going on. We aren't supposed to touch them, I remind them but they keep doing it." u/FreeFallingUp13 wrote: "I was wondering why they didn’t just wait for high tide, ‘til I saw how hard it was for him to get the turtle out of that gap. That thing was lodged in there."

Image Source: Reddit | u/westcoastcdn19
Image Source: Reddit | u/westcoastcdn19

u/2_Fives commented: "Fun fact: while he did an awesome job helping that turtle, they are under federal protection and you can be fined for simply touching the turtle. I'm not advocating he gets in trouble, but simply stating facts. If you see a turtle in distress, you should call it in." But this certainly isn't the first time when a man has jumped into action to become a guardian angel of stuck turtles by the beach.


According to Daily Mail, a couple of years back, marine scientist Tommy Cutt became a savior for a trapped turtle in Maui, Hawaii. The turtle was lodged in a rocky hole on a Hawaiian island when Cutt came to its rescue. Footage captured him clambering across the uneven rocks to drag the turtle carefully out of the hole and toss it back into the ocean. Cutt, who happens to be an executive director of MOC Marine Institute saved the turtle from being a target of other aquatic predators or hunting birds who could have feasted on the helpless turtle. Sometimes we do need kind fellows like these to aid creatures who can't ask for help.

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