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Man reveals his Danny DeVito 'Christmas tree' and people are obsessed with the idea

DeVito himself retweeted the photo and said that he was glad to be a part of their Christmas.

Man reveals his Danny DeVito 'Christmas tree' and people are obsessed with the idea
Cover Image Source: Twitter/@panoparker

Christmas is just around the corner and everyone has put up beautiful Christmas trees and decorations in their houses. It is a season of joy, love and warmth amongst your loved ones. However, one man from London is celebrating Christmas in a different and hilarious way this year. Instead of a traditional Christmas tree, he has spruced up a cardboard cutout of Danny DeVito with some string lights. The photo of this delightful Christmas "tree" was shared on Twitter by Parker with the caption: "We don’t have a Christmas tree so we use Danny DeVito." 


This tweet went absolutely viral on social media gathering over 150k likes and 13k retweets since being posted on December 19. Eventually, it reached the eyes of DeVito himself, who retweeted the photo, writing: "Love being your Christmas Danny." Parker's tweet inspired other Twitter users to share photos of more celebrity cardboard cutouts being used as Christmas trees. Some even shared photos of creative places they have put a cardboard cutout of DeVito in. 

Some posted photos of DeVito's face as the star of Bethlehem on their Christmas tree, while others used his face as souvenirs or even covered his life-size cutout with artificial greenery to make it look like a tree. Some people dressed up the actor's cutout in Santa Claus' outfit as part of their holiday decorations. Many others also shared cutouts of the Pope, Keanu Reeves, Ludacris, and many other famous personalities in their holiday decorations. 


Parker revealed that making DeVito a Christmas tree has been an ongoing tradition for him. He told TODAY: "I’m a Danny DeVito fan because he’s one of the few A-listers that isn’t a terrible human being. He doesn’t date teenagers, he doesn’t waste money on a luxury lifestyle, he does plenty of charity work and he’s hilarious... I'm glad I've managed to creep into his (Twitter) feed; truly an honor." He also expressed admiration for DeVito's dedication to his roles. "He doesn't take himself seriously, and that is rare these days. Is he the best actor of all time? No. Does he care? No." Parker said.





He revealed that he ordered DeVito's cardboard cutout from Amazon after getting drunk one night three years ago. Since then, it has been a part of his life and his holiday decorations. Parker wrote on Twitter: "Hoping we’ve started a little trend here. A cardboard cutout company reached out to me to inform me they have sold out of Danny DeVito's. This is probably the only way I could become an ‘influencer.'" 


The one drawback to this viral episode for Parker is that, while DeVito liked his original tweet, he did not wind up "following" Parker's Twitter account. Parker, on the other hand, hopes that one day they will meet in person. He said, "I’ve never met him but I really want to go for pints with him. I reckon you should organize a petition to make that happen. Thanks." 

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