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Man reunites with beloved dog after 8 years in an emotional and heartwarming moment

The is no greater joy than reuniting with your beloved furry pal after long years of separation and this video is the proof of it.

Man reunites with beloved dog after 8 years in an emotional and heartwarming moment
Cover Image Source: Reddit | u/Sans010394

No one can stay separated from their loved ones for a long time. Whether it is your favorite human or your pet. Well, pet lovers can feel the actual emotion radiating from this video because of how wholesome it is. Reddit user u/Sans010394 shared a video that captured an emotional reunion between a man and his dog after eight long years. There is no further detail provided about the man and his fur buddy but it looks like both of them are equally overjoyed to see each other.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Zen Chung
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Zen Chung

In the video, people can see the dog approaching the man with some hesitation as he steps out of the car and even snarls at first. But once the pooch gets a whiff of his owner, he immediately leaps in for a hug and starts wagging his tail with joy. Some of the Reddit users shared their own stories with their favorite pets in the comment section whereas others tried to figure out the original audio of the video which has been overshadowed by some unnecessary music. Others even questioned the reason behind the man's separation from his dog for such a long time.

u/Topuck shared a similar story, "Lot of people asking why they'd be separated so long. Something similar happened to me. I adopted a spaniel as a puppy when I was 4 years old and lived with him for 8 years. He ended up living somewhere else for 5 years with my Mom's friend. When I was 16, my mom's friend could no longer keep him either and offered him back to us. He was in rough shape. He had been living on a farm and his entire underside was black with fleas. I spent days giving him flea baths and treatments. Despite raising him as a puppy and living with him for so long, he didn't seem to remember me. I still resent my parents for letting him go somewhere where he had such a poor quality of life, but then again, it's not like we had it much better."

Image Source: Reddit | u/MJLDat
Image Source: Reddit | u/MJLDat

u/lugubrious420 gave some context of the video from the audio that can be heard in the backdrop of it, "He raised the dog when the dog was small and moved to the city. The new owner was passing through the city much later and saw the man, so he called him to see the dog again. He also mentioned that the dog is very aggressive, has bitten some people, and not even the new owner can touch or handle him like the man did. The dog probably takes care of the farm."

Image Source: Reddit | u/TheGuyUMotherWarned
Image Source: Reddit | u/TheGuyUMotherWarned

u/ManjaCow added, "Yeah basically that. The guy recording keeps saying the dog is kinda dangerous and doesn’t allow strangers to get close. And as you can see in the video, at first he was unsure if the old dude was a stranger or not, thinking if he should bite or not. But then he remembered him." u/Artful_Dodger29 joked, "Had that dog’s brain not clicked, that dude was in for a serious mauling."

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In a similar story, a dog was reunited with its owner after the pair were separated by the violence near Kyiv, Ukraine. A husky named Nessie was separated from its owner as the war brewed between Russian and Ukrainian forces. Dog cries with joy on being reunited with owner after they were separated by violence in Kyiv. The emotional reunion provided a stark contrast to the news of death and despair. The Kastus Kalinouski Battalion was fighting Russian forces in the city of Bucha when they found Nessie wandering the streets looking for its owners. 


They took the dog and kept it safe until they could find its owner, which they eventually succeeded, in leading to a wholesome reunion.  A CBS News video showed Nessie walking gingerly before speeding up as it recognized its owner. Nessie gains speed and gallops into his arms while crying throughout. Nessie jumps on him and licks his face, before running around him while crying loudly. The man pets the dog repeatedly, all smiles, having been reunited with his dog.

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