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Man restores cars, gives them away for free to struggling families so they can get back on their feet

'Sam has given back our freedom by giving us a little car.'

Man restores cars, gives them away for free to struggling families so they can get back on their feet
Image Source: Cars for Cans/Facebook

Every family does not have the same resources and opportunities. While some sections of society thrive from a place of abundance others often encounter tragic situations and struggle to make ends meet. However, a man from Sunshine Coast is trying to bridge this gap and do everything he can to give back to the people in need. He is working towards providing restored cars to people who need them and proving that a little kindness can change people's lives. 

Sam Tucker's initiative Cans for Cars started merely from collecting cans and he is now restoring cars, reports ABC News. He restores vehicles that need "a little bit of TLC" and then goes ahead to donate them to people who can't afford one. He started this initiative to give back to his community in Mooloolah Valley. He collects cash-in cans to raise funds for his elaborate restoration projects. 



Tucker himself has had his personal struggles living with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and dyslexia. He was compelled to show himself and his family that his good efforts might make a difference in the lives of others. He developed the Cans for Cars concept while working as a driving teacher and training children to drive in "paddock bashers" provided by his community.

He has given out eight cars since 2018, including one to Kat George. George is a single mother and she lost everything in the Lismore floods. "Kat has been able to find herself some secure location," Tucker said. "Her children have been able to be dropped off at school and now she's been able to turn her life around just from a small gesture of a $2,000 car."


Katrina and Tim Steinhardt from the Sunshine Coast were the most recent beneficiaries of Tucker's project. Last year, they were in a car accident that required Ms. Steinhardt to use a wheelchair and left the pair without a vehicle to attend medical appointments. "We were both security guards and now we can't work," she said. "Sam has given back our freedom by giving us a little car. He's just brought back so much hope now because we thought it was the end."

Tucker has witnessed firsthand the devastation that losing a car could cause families. He explained, "It's detrimental to everyone's mental health and also just the whole running of the house. I've been on the lower income and struggling with mental health and depression myself, so I know how they feel." 


"I knew how hard it is to be able to save or to get a vehicle, let alone registration." Mr. Tucker began his car repair endeavor by collecting cans to gradually earn the necessary cash. He explained, "For the first three cars, I used all the money that I received from cans." However, these cans weren't enough for his entire project funding but people started reaching out to him with donations. 

He is now working on a big project as he plans to create a big facility for "children and young adults to be educated about how to get through life with ADHD." He said, "I have lived experience and it's been quite a hard disability to live with."

"I'm looking forward to creating more happy moments."

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