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Mom recreates adult son's core childhood memory by gifting him an unopened Batman toy

In a heartwarming video shared online, the visibly emotional man rushes to hug his mom who was seated on a sofa near him.

Mom recreates adult son's core childhood memory by gifting him an unopened Batman toy
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @illamanatti

To be loved is to be deeply understood. One of the most beautiful ways to show love to someone can be by celebrating and cherishing their core memories. It can make our beloved ones feel deeply loved and bring us even closer to them. A similar thing happened to a Reddit user, who took to Made Me Smile subreddit section and wrote, "Reliving that childhood high." They also wrote, "When your husband tells you a core memory of his mom getting him a batman toy as a kid, so you tell your MIL and she finds an unopened original to gift it to him again for his bday." In the video, the man is seen opening his gift and he sees a box of Batman toys. Then, he rushes to hug his mom who was seated on a sofa near him. The video received more than 6,000 upvotes.

Pexels | Photo by Daka:
Pexels | Photo by Daka:


The comments of people followed quickly on the adorable video as well. u/Open_Dragonfruit_304 wrote, "I love love LOVE the pause and start to cry moment he has when he rips open the top and catches a glimpse of what’s inside." u/reydolith wrote, "Right? Such an ingrained core memory he remembers the side of the box. So many feelings."

While u/BRAINFORCE22 wrote, "There’s so much great stuff in this video. It’s all so thoughtful and sweet. I personally love the kid staring outside haha." u/DodgyRogue wrote, "I’m not crying! You’re crying!" u/BalognaPonyParty wrote, "that pull up and hug." 

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Speaking of core memories, in another such instance, Reddit user u/dittidot touched many hearts online when she shared a fun video of her trip to a photo booth with her best friend. In the adorable clip, the best friends are seen giggling like little girls and having the time of their lives inside the booth. The video received  6,600 upvotes within two days of being uploaded and was captioned, "My best friend and I visited a photo booth together for the first time since high school."

Cover Image Source: Reddit | u/dittidot
Image Source: Reddit | u/dittidot


Many on Reddit loved the photo session of these best pals. u/terriblesediment_50 commented, "This is what true friends are. Such a sweet moment. Love seeing this." u/TheGrimDweeber wrote: "I’m totally visiting a photo booth with my best friend." u/suddenlycumbly shared, "Oh this melts my heart." Meanwhile, u/aria-of-sorrow proclaimed, "This is definitely a contender for the most wholesome post of 2023."

u/LackDecent wrote, "What lovely gals. My generation already had selfies so I never really got to use an actual photo booth with friends. It looks so much!!" u/totaleclipse1117 commented, "This was beautiful to watch!! I miss having a bestie like this!! It's been a loonnggg time since I laughed with another woman/female like this!!! It's awesome to see, that friendships can withstand the test of time!! At least some of them!!"

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