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Man recreates his pet's daily routine in a cat costume and it's hilariously on point

Damiano Giordano gave his followers a glimpse of all the shenanigans his cat is up to on a daily basis.

Man recreates his pet's daily routine in a cat costume and it's hilariously on point
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @damiano__giordano

Cats are peculiar creatures. They have the power to keep humans on their toes at every moment. Damiano Giordano–who goes by @damiano__giordano on Instagram–in a hilarious video, shared the daily shenanigans his munchkin brings into his life. The antics depicted by him are so funny and relatable that they are bound to make every cat parent do a double-take. The influencer shows how some of these 'mistakes' and 'mishaps' done by these creatures are solely to get a reaction from their humans. They know very well that they are so loved and their humans will never apprehend them. 

Image Source: Instagram/@damiano__giordano
Image Source: Instagram | @damiano__giordano

The video features Giordano rocking an adorable cat costume. He pretends to begin the day by nailing the clueless look that most pet cats are masters at in front of their parents. He showcased his commitment to the whole skit by going ahead and doing what seems to be the birthright of every cat. It does not matter whether they are large or small, they will always be mortal enemies of the beautifully arranged plants at their home. No matter how much space the house design might provide them, they will stumble on them. No force is powerful enough to stop them from committing that mess. Hence, the makeshift cat also took ahead the tradition and pushed every plant in sight.

Image Source: Instagram/@damiano__giordano
Image Source: Instagram | @damiano__giordano

The next one shows the affinity cats carry towards beautiful paper bags. All the space in the world, but that is where their hearts belong. The love affair is so strong that the amenities of a whole house do not hold a light against it. The makeshift cat is seen trying to go inside a beautiful paper bag, ripping it in the process. Well, no one said love was easy, right? Unlike humans, cats do not need fitness instructors or YouTube videos to keep their bodies in check. They stretch to their mind's fulfillment and give themselves ample sleep. Whether it is on the bed or the floor, on humans or off them, is beside the point. The makeshift cat does this bit with authenticity. 

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A post shared by Damiano Giordano (@damiano__giordano)


Entertainment is crucial for cats. But unlike other aspects of their life in which they are extravagant to no end, this one does not require a lot of effort. Throw a ping pong around and their attention is locked. The influencer reenacts the endearing expressions that form on the cat's face during play time to perfection. They also like to play with balls and neatly arranged clothes in a suitcase, much to their human's dismay. But who cares?

Image Source: Instagram/@dan.__.iall
Image Source: Instagram | @dan.__.iall
Image Source: Instagram/@strizhova
Image Source: Instagram | @strizhova

The comment section was in splits, seeing the hilarious yet relatable skit. @yogesshpuranmansharamani appreciated the influencer for his performance and wrote, "For a moment, I forgot it was human." @khushisingghhhhh asked the influencer a question many cat parents must have had while watching the video, "How did you know so much about my cat?"

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A post shared by Damiano Giordano (@damiano__giordano)


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