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Man receives the perfect break-up text from ex-girlfriend and the internet is applauding

She crafted a straight-forward yet beautiful message to end their relationship and people are calling it the perfect 'break-up text.'

Man receives the perfect break-up text from ex-girlfriend and the internet is applauding
Cover Image Source: Pexels | Josh Willink | Reddit | u/flapdragon999

Sometimes, ending a relationship is the best course for both parties involved. However, often relationships end on a bad note with people not respecting each other. However, this woman decided to do things differently. She sent her last message to her ex-boyfriend, filled with nothing but respect and understanding. Reddit user u/flapdragon999 shared the message on Reddit and people loved how the relationship ended cordially.

Cover Image Source: Pexels | Charlotte May
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Charlotte May

The text message reads, "I really appreciate your transparency. To be honest with you, I don't think we should get back together because I don't think there's compromising when it comes down to core personality differences." She also discussed other challenges they faced in their relationship. She felt that she was not a decent girlfriend and was "barely" being there for herself and she couldn't imagine being there for a partner like him. The woman apologizes to her former boyfriend for that.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Trinity  Kubassek
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Trinity Kubassek

Instead of placing blame, she fondly recalled the good times they shared. "I want you to know this isn't a reflection on you as a person. I still tell my friends about how kind you were to me in our relationship, and I still smile at the memories we share," the woman wrote in the text message. She also adds that he is an "incredible human" and the time she spent with him meant a lot to her.  She concludes with the most beautiful lines. "Ultimately, this is me making sure resentment doesn't build in the future. That being said, if at any point you do feel like you want and are ready for friendship, I'll always be here." These words are what made all the difference. She chose to end the relationship positively instead of saying that she never wanted to see him again or that this was it.

Image Source: Reddit | u/22-Scrying-Megalith
Image Source: Reddit | u/22-Scrying-Megalith

People loved the maturity with which the person ended the relationship. u/AbundanceToAll commented, "What a beautiful message. I’m guessing you both had a very respectful relationship. Very mature to part ways like this when there are core differences. You were a great partner and a good human." u/Willowy wrote, "The message was honest, sincere, and respectful of OP's feelings. Seems like a truly good person wrote it." u/AsmodayVernon shared, "So happy for you, you got a text like that. Nowadays it's rare as hell. Truly a gem, even if wounded. And so are you! Take care, you both. Who knows, maybe fate will bring you back together?" u/emsAZ74 expressed, "This is genuinely so sweet. I'm happy for you OP. And even though she admits she can't be a good girlfriend right now, this does show a great deal of emotional maturity."

Image Source: Reddit | u/-Masta_Kronix-
Image Source: Reddit | u/-Masta_Kronix-

The man shared about his girlfriend as well in the comments. "I got lucky. She was 23 and somehow the most emotionally intelligent person I've ever met. At the same time, I poured my heart into the relationship and gave everything I had, so I feel like I earned and deserved a respectful breakup. Feels bittersweet but I can't complain," he wrote. However, he also added that he can't think of being friends with her as it would be hard, and if it created tension, all the good memories would also get tainted. "I just gotta let it go and appreciate that chapter in my life," he wrote in another comment.

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