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Man pulls hilariously clever prank on barmaid who laughed at him for ordering a 'feminine' cocktail

A man who just wanted to enjoy his football match with a sweet-tasting cocktail pulled a prank as a comeback to the server who made fun of his drink.

Man pulls hilariously clever prank on barmaid who laughed at him for ordering a 'feminine' cocktail
Representative Cover Image Source: (L) Pexels | Shameel Mukkath; (R) Reddit | u/hovis_mavis

While the world is fighting for the equality of men and women, there seems to be no area in life that is not gendered. Whether it is clothes, makeup, accessories, cars, jobs, or, in this case, drinks. Who would have thought something as fun as a cocktail could also be viewed through the lenses of 'girly' or 'manly'? In a recent Reddit post, shared by u/hovis_mavis, he described his experience of ordering a drink that left his server judging him for having something too "feminine" for a man. 

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Cottonbro Studio
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Cottonbro Studio

The man was on vacation with his teenage son and the father-son duo were enjoying a football match in a bar. The father ordered a Pina Colada and the server "sniggered" at his order and laughed an "okay." He also shared that the incident annoyed him because he just wanted to have a tasty cocktail and what in the world could be wrong with that? As much as he was vexed with the server's reaction to his order of a Pina Colada, he was already taking it as a joke in his head and soon came up with a hilarious sneaky prank to get back at the server. What unfolded next is a quintessential "forgive but don't forget" attitude towards bullies.

When the server returned with the drinks and placed them on their table, the man said, "My mum loved these. God rest her. I always have one on the anniversary of her death to remember her." It turned things around for the prejudice the server was holding and she went off hurriedly from there. But the man was not done yet. Next, he intentionally asked for a cocktail stirrer, which meant the server would have to make another round to their table.

He further described in his Reddit post, "When she came back, I took a sip from the straw, kissed my hand and pointed to the sky, trying to look sad. She was so visibly uncomfortable I had to stifle my own laughs." The father finally got back at the server for her judgemental looks and laughed. The server justifiably avoided their table for a while after the "pina colada" situation.

People on the platform sided with the Reddit user and shared their stories in the comment section. u/KDurin commented, "My younger brother is a big guy, I mean big. He has a shaved head, many tattoos, swears like a sailor and looks pretty scary really. He also really likes a cocktail. Years ago (too many), he took me out for my 30th birthday. We had a lovely meal and then went to sit at the bar. They had a limited-time, seasonal cocktail called a peardrop. Can't even remember what was in it, but they were bloody good. We were both wankered by the time we left. He's not remotely bothered or ashamed by what others might think."

u/stampedingnuns shared what her husband usually drinks and said, "My husband likes margaritas and some flavored shots like copper camels. It's honestly so nice he's not worried about looking tough or acting macho. It seems like that would be exhausting. There's nothing wrong with liking drinks that taste good." 

Image Source: Reddit/ u/Feral611
Image Source: Reddit/ u/Feral611


u/Texas_Bevos added, "Growing up, I was always told that Margaritas were a woman's drink. (Hispanic) When I was legal to drink and I would get one at one of our family gatherings (there were many), my uncle and cousins would hit me with the "that's a woman's drink." I'd tell each of them, 'This has tequila in it. That's one mighty strong woman's drink.' After a few times of being told that, some of them were openly drinking Margaritas at our gatherings." u/blackeyedworld wrote: "That's not feminine at all!"

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