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Man proposes to girlfriend while standing in line at a packed McDonald's and it didn't end well

People at the crowded McDonald's pulled out their phones and filmed the incident, leaving the man embarrassed.

Man proposes to girlfriend while standing in line at a packed McDonald's and it didn't end well
Image source: Twitter/@Madame_Fossette | @Bigbabysambruh

A public marriage proposal is always a risk, especially if you haven't already mulled over the idea with your partner. While some of the videos of public marriage proposals may be wholesome, the rest are cringe. There is almost no in-between when it comes to public proposals. One person fell into the latter category after he tried to propose to his girlfriend in a crowded McDonald's. The video of the failed proposal went viral, garnering more than 66,000 likes and 3.7 million views. There is no context to the video or the proposal but you can tell from the first second of the video that the proposal was doomed to fail. The first video was shared on Twitter and captioned: "Witnessed such a sad situation today yoh." 



The video is set at a crowded McDonald's and they are standing in a line waiting for their order when the man gets down on his knees, drawing the attention of those around him They are all filming as she's giving her order to an employee behind the counter, reported Comicsands. The woman got clued in on what was happening pretty early. The employee behind the counter may have given it away as they wore an embarrassed look on their face and put their hand on their head. They appeared to be telling the woman what was happening. Right behind her, the man, wearing a casual jacket and pants, was down on one knee waiting for her to turn. She was also dressed casually, as you would when you step out to grab a bite at McDonald's.



She turned around shaking her head, well aware of what was going on. She shook her head at him as he waited down on one knee. She said something at him and looked irritated by his proposal. She tried to reason with him but he remained down on one knee holding out a wedding ring. Awkwardness hung in the air as she waited for him to get up. She finally gave up and dropped her order on the side and walked away furious at his attempt to propose in a crowded McDonald's. One kid who had front row seats to the catastrophe was having a right laugh at them. She had also left behind a shopping cart full of items, which he then had to push as he exited the restaurant. There was also a second video of the incident from another angle that went viral.



Many tweeted their views on the topic with one person writing, "Public proposals are kinda manipulative though." Some felt he was trying to jump ahead of the relationship as was evident from her reaction. "I have a feeling that he knows very well why she declined the proposal and he was trying to push the envelope hard," they noted. "Yessss! I thought this as well. The poor lady did not look happy and the look on his face ... Something more to this than meets the eye," added another person. Another jumped in to argue that many women liked public proposals. "A lot of women expressed they want a spectacle with a proposal," wrote one person. "Unless it is discussed between the two individuals that a public proposal is wanted, then it is a form of manipulation and coercion; it doesn't matter what "a lot of women expressed," it does NOT apply to everyone," responded another user.








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