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Man proposes to his girlfriend in her mother tongue and it's the cutest thing you'll see today

They came across each other on TikTok in the middle of the pandemic and ended up falling in love.

Man proposes to his girlfriend in her mother tongue and it's the cutest thing you'll see today
YouTube/Ash & Evan

The Covid-19 pandemic posed great challenges for everyone around the world. People were confined indoors and some were stranded from the people they love. However, for one couple, the lockdown turned out to be the start of a beautiful love story. Ashemeza Rita and Evan Dingle found love as the world shut down around them. The pandemic prompted them to spend hours on TikTok and that is how they caught each other's eyes.


Ash, a native of Rukungiri, Western Uganda, saw Evan's TikTok video about eating 'kikomando,' a Ugandan dish. She thought it was hilariously "weird" and ended up following him on Instagram. They started talking on the social media platform and weeks later, they decided to meet in person. Ash told Plugged Daily, "I thought he was much cuter in person. He had prepared a picnic on top of Bugembe Hill in Jinja. We walked up to the hilltop." Although they initially decided to just remain friends, when Evan fell sick, he knew who he wanted by his side and they started dating. She said, "I was in love with him even before he asked me to be his girlfriend."


Evan explained, "We would not have met if the pandemic never happened." After spending quality time together, he decided that Ash is the woman he wants to share his life with. He planned an extra special proposal for her by asking her to marry him in her native language. This beautiful moment was posted on TikTok by Evan in which he can be seen holding her hand and saying, "I know you don't like long speeches. So, I'll try to make this short." Ash knew what will follow and started tearing up with happiness.

Evan continues, "Someone once said," and picks up a seashell before continuing, "seashells are like love letters in the sand. So here's my love letter to you." He appears to have proposed to her in Runyankore, a language spoken in Uganda. He hands her the seashell and goes down on his knees and asks her, "Will you be mine forever?" The emotional video went viral on the internet with people applauding Evan's efforts to learn the words in her native language. One TikTok user said it best: "This [is] officially the absolute best proposal I have ever seen." Another noted, "Oh, the effort this man put in. I wish you two a happy and loving married life."

"For someone to take time to LEARN a whole speech in your mother tongue! This beautiful. Congratulations to you both!" said yet another TikTok user. Evans did not stop at learning her mother tongue. He even arranged for Ash's family to watch it from Uganda. According to his Youtube vlog, Ash's family traveled 10 hours from their village to the capital to see the proposal. There might be racial and cultural differences between them, but the couple has put in efforts to honor and understand each other.

Evans said in the interview, "There isn’t anything that sticks out as odd because of our racial differences, but the cultural differences can be interesting sometimes." The couple currently lives in Switzerland and is pursuing their master's together. They are also working on charitable projects like fundraising for menstrual products for women in Uganda.

Watch their proposal video here:


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