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Man posts a job hiring for a 'Junior Wife' as a joke on LinkedIn, sparking debate

The post detailing the job description was supposed to be funny, but many people did not think it to be.

Man posts a job hiring for a 'Junior Wife' as a joke on LinkedIn, sparking debate
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Cottonbro

LinkedIn is a popular platform for people seeking job opportunities and skill upliftment. As of 2024, it has about a billion active users who visit this platform to hire, seek jobs and gain professional advice, per Demand Sage. Due to its career-driven atmosphere, people expect others to put out similar content and present themselves as they would in a workplace. After all, the first thing a potential employer sees could be your LinkedIn profile. So when this tech worker posted a mock hiring post for "A Junior Wife," the post went viral. People found many things about it problematic, as per News Nine, including the platform it was posted on.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Ann Tarazevich
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Ann Tarazevich

The supposedly funny post by Jitendra Singh, a software engineer, read, "Urgent Hiring. I am looking for a 'Junior Wife' to join my life." He also added a note that said, "Experienced candidates, please do not apply. (Wives) I will conduct separate hiring for experienced candidates." He also added the job type as "Rest of the life" and the career level as "Entry level" and wrote in the brackets, "Only zero experience is preferable."

Also, he mentioned that the salary was confidential. Before detailing the requirements for the bizarre role, he shared that there will be three interviews and the last round will be face-to-face. The requirements of the supposed job role were "A minimum of 2 years of experience in cooking. The ability to wake up at night and make spicy biryani, good communication skills, respectable and decent, obedient and loving. Goal-oriented (I will do all the work, but she should understand what I am doing.)" The software engineer concluded the post and said, "Interested candidates can send their CVs to my inbox." Ultimately, he added that it was just a funny post and shared to make people laugh.

After receiving the backlash, the software engineer took down the post, which had a prominent tone of sexism. People on the platform unhappy about it shared their thoughts. A user wrote, "Why don't you post these pickup lines on Hinge, Bumble, Tinder or" Singh replied that the people on these platforms were not genuine, while the ones on LinkedIn were more genuine. "Get real. Apart from being so outdated (100 years?), a post like this will harm your job searches. Attitudes like these in your workplace may get you sacked or cause you to be subject to a POSH complaint. Everyone who wonders why I don't see it as just funny, the reason is simple; it isn't," a user added, per the outlet.

It was reposted on Instagram by @guwahatiplus. An Instagram user took to the comments of the post and wrote, "Bro knows he can't find the one in clubs or Instagram, lol." @genioushree_deka shared, "I posted a funnier ad for hiring a husband four years back on Facebook. Still single." @tridip.deka90 commented, "Just another cringe post on LinkedIn." @_7j.nihar remarked, "Individuals like these are negatively impacting the LinkedIn platform." While @sumanta.gogoi said, "'A professional platform like Linkedin?' LinkedIn is just another social media platform like Instagram, Tiktok and Facebook. The only difference is they have marketed themselves that way. It is just a tool to be used how we see fit. It is free."

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