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Man plays along with a 'Karen' who started bullying him for no reason and it's absolutely hilarious

And that's how you handle a 'Karen.'

Man plays along with a 'Karen' who started bullying him for no reason and it's absolutely hilarious
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Eric McLean; Reddit | u/2ndbreakfastfan

Every now and then, we meet at least one person who takes pleasure in bullying others for no reason. u/2ndbreakfastfan on Reddit decided to share his personal experience of locking horns with a 'Karen' when she accused him of parking his truck too close to hers. But the man did not even own said truck. However, he decided to play along and see how far the Karen could take the verbal spat.

Representational Image Source: Pexels
Representational Image Source: Pexels | Mart Productions

The man starts the post by revealing that he lives in a city and does not own a car to save a few bucks. Most of the time, he takes subways and buses everywhere. When he has to buy groceries, he simply heads over to a big grocery chain that is only a few blocks away from his home and that is where he had one of the most oddly memorable encounters ever. "I'm walking through the parking lot on the way home and this lady steps out in front of me and starts yelling that I parked my truck too close to her car," he writes.

"I look next to her and this little orange hatchback is parked on the driver's side, right up against the white line. Next to it is a large white pickup with its passenger side also right up against the white line. Each vehicle was within its proper spot but with little more than the width of the line painted on the pavement separating them," he continues. As he tries to figure out the situation, the lady continues to yell at him and starts dropping several insults. She also demands he move his truck.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | 
Erik Mclean
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Erik Mclean

But things get interesting here. "Now I know I'm short. I've been teased about it enough. No big deal. I'm also aware when some bully is having a tough day and wants to abuse someone, they don't tend to challenge the biggest dude around. They pick someone who looks easier to abuse," he remarks in the post. But the man loses his patience over the Karen's nonsensical attitude. "I decided to push back. I know it wasn't my truck, but I wasn't going to tell her that. So I said, 'I'll park however I like and I'm not moving that truck'," he tells her.

The woman continues to yell and mock him and the man decides to play along and refuses to move the truck. But as they are locked in a battle of arguments, another man walks past them, throws something in the back of the truck they were arguing over, climbs in and starts to drive out of the lot. "She does a double take and seems lost for words. As the truck pulls away, I say, 'I never said it was my truck.' Then I continued on my way through the parking lot, headed home," the man concludes the post.

Image Source: Reddit | u/bmtri
Image Source: Reddit | u/bmtri

Fellow users were shocked to hear about Karen's audacity and how she got embarrassed for her deeds. u/imgg77 joked, "This reminds me of a scene from one of the Pink Panther films with Peter Sellers. He's checking into a hotel and looks at a dog sitting next to the counter and asks the guy behind the counter, 'Does your dog bite?' The counter guy says, 'No'. He reaches down to pet the dog and the dog nearly takes off his hand. Sellers say, 'I thought you said your dog does not bite!' Well, that is not my dog." 

Image Source: Reddit | u/King_Scooter
Image Source: Reddit | u/King_Scooter

u/Takssista wrote, "I was expecting her to scratch or damage the truck and then have to face the real owner." u/ShalomRPh recalled, "Had something similar happen to me once. I was riding the commuter bus out of the PABT and someone had left a duffel bag in the aisle next to my seat. Everyone coming from the back half of the bus made a point of stepping on it and I just smiled back at them. Except for the one guy who stomped so enthusiastically that he popped up and smacked his head on the roof of the bus. I laughed at him." 

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