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Video of man paying off his sister's loan starring a duck is the most wholesome thing you'll see

Tony had received his first OnlyFans paycheck and wanted to help his sister by paying off her debt.

Video of man paying off his sister's loan starring a duck is the most wholesome thing you'll see
Image source: TikTok/@tooturnttony

A video of a man paying off his sister's student loan using his OnlyFans income is winning hearts on the internet. Tony is already incredibly popular on TikTok and Instagram and is also an OnlyFans model. The viral video shows him barging into his sister's room and throwing a bag full of cash at her to help her pay off her student loans. The video has already been viewed more than 30 million times on TikTok and garnered more than 4.6 million likes. Tony (@tooturnttony) captioned the video "Dirty money." The video starts with him sitting in his car along with his star sidekick—his pet duck. He is seen holding a big bag filled with cash. He explains that he just got his first paycheck from OnlyFans and was going to use $20,000 of it to pay off his sister's student loans, reported Newsweek.



He walks up to his home with his pet duck trudging along and kicks open the door in a dramatic fashion. His mom is furious. "Anthony, you're gonna break my f**king door!" she shouts at him, but he ignores her and continues to his sister Maria's room. He then slams his sister's door open and throws the bag at her, scaring her. There's cash flying everywhere. "Oh my god! Oh my god! Ow! Oh my god," she screams. "What is all this?"







"That is your student loans," Tony shouts at her. "Paid in full by my penis." The video cuts to Maria being emotional and hugging her brother. "It's really weird, but thank you," she tells him. That single frame is as meme-ready as it can get. The video then cuts to Tony with his feet up on the table in his mom's living room with his mom clearly giving him a dressing down. "Bless you for what you did for your sister, but did you ever think you should take that f**king money and buy your own f**king house!" she screams. Tony lives with his family and his comments are filled with people begging him not to buy his own house and move out. Maria posted her own video about the incident and shows her drying her eyes with cash. The on-screen text reads: "My big brother paid off my student loan." The caption read: "All jokes aside … feeling extremely blessed."







Tony said he wanted to help his sister after she mentioned her loans one time. "My sister, creator/camera girl @toomuchmariaaa, mentioned she had some student loans so I thought to myself, I would like to give back, using the funds from my OnlyFans page, and make a video about it," TooTurntTony told Newsweek. "We had no idea that the video would go so viral across all platforms including the front page of Reddit and Twitter and get reposted by some of the biggest meme pages in the world," he added.







Fans couldn't get enough of Tony and his family. "Man what you do is amazing. Having fun while changing lives. Keep on keeping on bro," wrote one person. After some of them gave him stick for earning money through an OnlyFans account, another responded, "Bank doesn't care where it comes from, so why should anyone else." A good amount of comments were about Tony's pet duck, who's a fixture in all his videos. Their family regularly posts viral content but one of the ones that stand out prior to this is when Tony nailed a bear's head to the ceiling of his mom's bedroom and she flipped out. 


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