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Man meets friends every week to discuss a 'dad's agenda' and it has left everyone in stitches

The man shared a parody version of preparing an agenda to discuss with friends and it has everyone bawling with laughter.

Man meets friends every week to discuss a 'dad's agenda' and it has left everyone in stitches
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Şahin Sezer Dinçer; X | @kipcolon

Friendships are unique and can flourish over a lifetime. After years together, friends often relish simply catching up and reminiscing through everyday conversations. Kip Colon—who goes by @kipconlon on X—shared a post stating that his dad has a rather humorous way of making his time with his friends worth cherishing. Colon posted a photo showcasing his dad's quirky pre-meeting topic list.

Representative Image Source; Pexels| Kampus Production
Representative Image Source; Pexels| Kampus Production

“My dad has beers with his buddies each Wednesday and makes a list of things to talk about beforehand and it is the cutest thing in the world!” the caption read. While one would imagine something specific or regular that pals would otherwise talk about, the post had something rather peculiar that had everyone rolling with laughter. The list was titled, “Topics to discuss,” followed by 5 bullet points, which read, “Bank entrances and alarm types, Number of employees and security guards, ETA for armored trucks, police response time and Richard Nixon masks vs normal kind.”


Any regular person reading the list would be baffled, assuming that the dad and his friends are up to something. However, the list is a masterclass in sarcasm and humor. Confused commenters were debating whether they could laugh freely or be worried about the dad’s plans. While many did not realize that the list was a hysterical joke, others joined in the humor and offered the dad help by suggesting better mask options and other recommendations. @Star_KAV sarcastically said, “You got me. I thought it was Friday for a second. And this is amazing.” @JasonWilsonFL joked, “That’s awesome.  I now have something else to aspire to.”



While the post was clearly a parody, it not only amused readers but also spotlighted a similarly wholesome post by a woman. One of the commenters, @riostaradamus, reposted a thread of a dad who does the entire jotting down of topics. @kenzianidiot shared a post and mentioned, “My dad goes to a bar with his friends every Friday and he makes a list of discussion topics.” This list was not a joke and consisted of mundane things like “Jordan Love, China and Russia, World Cup, After Christmas party with the boys, General Discussion.” Adding more background in a thread, the woman mentioned, “My dad and his friends have a ‘board meeting’ every Friday and he texts the ‘board members’ if they have anything to put on the agenda. I get quarterly invites which is life’s biggest honor.”


In another thread, the woman also shared a picture of her dad at the bar catching up on his list, which was simply adorable. @XYooper said, “I wish I was there for that conversation.” @DanForTexas remarked, “You call it going to a bar. He calls it a meeting with the fraternal order of the pub.” @financemose commented, “If surrounding yourself with like-minded people was a post.” @danielrosehill shared, “This made my week. The best idea I’ve seen shared here in ages. Meeting a friend for drinks tonight and preparing an agenda. Your dad is a legend!”




You can follow Kip Colon (@kipcolon) and Kenzi (@kenzianidiot) on X for more humorous and wholesome content.

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