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Man makes a kind gesture for a homeless man looking for clean water at Starbucks

A little kindness goes a long way and it has been proved by this stranger who helped out a homeless man.

Man makes a kind gesture for a homeless man looking for clean water at Starbucks
Image Source: Reddit | u/crooked_fece

Every day in life, we come across a lot of instances that allow us to shower kindness on someone. However, on most days, we don't have the bandwidth to do it. If we see someone asking for food or money, there are only a few times when we do provide them with the same. On most days, we justify our behavior to ourselves by saying that this person is physically alright and can hence go ahead and earn and fend for themselves. What we fail to realize is that sometimes people face adverse circumstances that force them into poverty and starvation. Providing a breeze of fresh air, one heartwarming video of a similar encounter found its way to Reddit when u/crooked_fece shared it with the caption, "(Happy Freakout) Patron at Starbucks sees a homeless man and lets him order anything he wanted."

Image Source: Reddit | u/crooked_fece
Image Source: Reddit | u/crooked_fece

The video begins with a homeless man standing at the Starbucks counter, asking something. That's when the man filming the whole scene asked him, "My friend, what do you want? I'll pay for it."  As it turns out, the homeless person was simply trying to get some clean water, as he probably didn't have money to buy anything else. That's why, when the man filming the scene told him that he'd get him whatever he wanted, the unhoused guy was a little taken aback. The man further asked, "You want coffee? Iced tea? Pick out your drink." Reluctantly, the man placed an order for the coffee and thanked the man for his kindness.

Image Source: Reddit | u/crooked_fece
Image Source: Reddit | u/crooked_fece

That's when the man once again asks the unhoused man if he would like to eat something. He time and again keeps reassuring the man that it's no problem and that he understands his position. The unhoused guy finally picks out a sandwich with hesitation. All this while, he is seen thanking the man profusely for his generosity. All things said, there have been instances in the video where it seems like the homeless person is a little embarrassed or a little uncomfortable with the fact that he's being filmed. However, the video maker repeatedly reassures him that it's no problem and the man can eat his heart's content.


However, this video sparked a lot of debate amongst the viewers. One-half of the comment section thought that it's not a nice thing to film someone while you're helping them because it puts them in a spot of inferiority, which might not make them feel good about the help they're receiving. Supporting this argument, u/SuicideKingsHigh said, "It's a sandwich and coffee. Why film it? Why pair it with that music like he's lifting a demolished house of the dude or something?" u/twiggsmcgee666 added, "That he felt the need to film it at all is just ridiculous. Just do nice things for people."


Alternatively, a small fraction of the comment section supported it. They reasoned that even if a good deed is done with selfish motives, the deed will remain good. Whether the whole thing was recorded or not, the man's stomach was full and the video probably encouraged someone else to also help someone around them. Adding to this argument, u/givnofux said, "Agree, the video clout is bad but the net gain!" In a different comment, u/givnofux hoped, "Might inspire others to do the same, hopefully off camera." u/billetboy said, "He remains anonymous; that fixes your concern. Recording and posting remind others to do the same. He passes the good book test." Whether you advocate the filming or are against it, the bottom line remains that a man who was probably hungry was fed and that is all that is important.


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