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Man deals with frustrated deliver men at his doorstep through a creative and kind solution

The man acknowledges the challenges faced by delivery personnel who tirelessly handle numerous packages each day.

Man deals with frustrated deliver men at his doorstep through a creative and kind solution
Cover Image Source: Reddit | TheKnight_Rider

Frequently, kindness emerges as the remedy to various situations. This truth is acknowledged, yet frequently overlooked in our actions. While the knowledge of kindness as a solution is ingrained, its application can be difficult. However, there are those who consistently embody and prioritize kindness in their interactions. It was seen in a video recently uploaded on Reddit by u/Knight_TheRider. A man was having issues with delivery, so he chose to empathize with the delivery person as they got exhausted with the multiple deliveries they do in a day.

Image Source: Reddit | u/Knight_TheRider
Image Source: Reddit | u/Knight_TheRider

It can be dehydrating and tiresome. So, this man came up with a solution to help them instead of getting angry or complaining about the delivery person. The outcome was surprising. We see in the video how the delivery boys were just getting done with the delivery boxes by throwing the packages next to the door of his house. The man says in the video, "So I decided to get some ice, get some water, get some crackers. And we are going to leave them some snacks and some water."

Image Source: Reddit | u/Knight_TheRider
Image Source: Reddit | u/Knight_TheRider

On the box that he prepared for these delivery people, he wrote, "Thank you for your hard work." After keeping it next to his door, the video captures the next delivery to his house, the delivery boy throws the package again, but this time, he sees the box and takes the water and the crackers with him. The man who is looking through the door comes after the delivery boy leaves and looks quite happy. The video covers another delivery with big boxes and the delivery boy keeps them gently. As for the last delivery of the video, the man keeps the package, takes the water and even thanks the house owner.

Image Source: Reddit | u/Knight_TheRider
Image Source: Reddit | u/Knight_TheRider

In this video, we can see how people's behaviors changed when they were treated empathetically. People on Reddit also appreciated the house owner for his generosity, as the video has received 41.3K upvotes. One person, u/standardnoodleco, even shared their experience as a delivery person, "When I was a driver, people who left water and snacks out like this were my favorite. Especially, during a rough day when you are completely burnt out. Always put a smile on my face. Like a video game character finding some hidden loot. But knowing someone left it out for me, thinking of us drivers made it all the better."

u/herebertsherbert49 commented, "I always ask delivery people if would they like a cold drink and often their faces light up at the offer. Even if they say no, thanks, they have drinks in the van, you can tell they appreciate the idea." u/poopanoggin expressed, "The fact that people take the snack and water really makes you realize how exhausting this job must really put things into perspective." u/relevant_inflation39 thanked such people, "Mailman here, we never forget gestures like this. The package handling is uncalled for, these customers pay your wages."

The true act of generosity will never be forgotten by anyone. It touches people unknowingly and even changes the hearts of people. This video is an example of the same and teaches us that while it is easy to be angry, we must choose to be kind.

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