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Man made a bed for his elderly dog at the beach so she could see the sea one last time

Recognizing the importance of granting meaningful experiences before saying goodbye, he took his beloved dog to the sea.

Man made a bed for his elderly dog at the beach so she could see the sea one last time
Cover Image Source: Facebook | Piero Temperato

Editor's note: This article was originally published on August 24, 2023. It has since been updated.

We often honor the last wishes of people before they pass away. It could be anything from meeting someone they love or going to a place that has a special place in their heart. A man named Piero Temperato decided to do such a thing for his beloved pet dog. In a beautiful tribute, he took his dog to the sea and made a bed there for her so she could enjoy the place to the fullest before she passed away.


He posted pictures of his dog Greta on Facebook, lying on her pillow covered in a green blanket and looking at the sea. The caption reads, "I know I'm a madman for bringing you this far in your condition, but I wanted to give you this emotion. I know that you love to see the vastness of the sea - the same immensity of love I have for you, Greta."

The post with the pictures was uploaded on Reddit by u/n8_xo. It is captioned, "One last journey." It has received more than 12k upvotes on the platform. Many were moved after knowing about Greta and what her owner did for her. u/TBeIRie commented, "To the sea, we all journey back to the sea. Long may you run beautiful one." u/BirdInFlight301 wrote, "What a beautiful thing to do for someone you love." u/olddeebs said, "Beautiful pup. I love what you've done. Much respect." u/jazzhandsdancehands shared, "They all deserve this love. Losing them is the most painful thing."


Another post on a Facebook page called Pleasy gave more details about how Temperato made the adventure special. The post shed light on the poignant circumstances surrounding Greta, the 15-year-old dog who had reached the final day of her life while battling a severe illness. In an effort to make her last moments memorable, her devoted owner took her to their cherished sanctuary - her beloved beach.

As her final hour approached, he lovingly caressed her fur, whispered gentle words of affection, and reminisced about their shared adventures. He expressed his profound love for her, steadfastly remaining by her side until her last breath in this world. This heartwarming tale epitomizes the unwavering loyalty and devotion one can demonstrate towards a beloved animal companion until the very end.


Talking about pet tributes, another dog owner Jason Dunne, also did something beautiful to honor his dog, Rex. He left a box full of tennis balls at Exmouth Beach so other dog owners could grab one for their pets. Also, he left a note along with the tennis balls that read, "Rex loved the beach, Rex loved the ball. Please feel free to take a ball for your dog and I hope you all enjoy this place as much as we did. Rex- sleep well, my ginger Prince." The box also had a picture of the labrador with the title, "The best of a good boy," with the note.


Dunne expressed this was his way of having a last walk with his best friend, Rex, who died in June 2023. He believes the dog will be remembered in Exmouth for his giveaway and will bring the community closer. He requested people to hug their pets, channel the kindness sparked by his dog and "be more Rex."

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