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Man shares deep bond with disabled brother and takes care of him every day: 'True definition of love'

Their deep bond was caught on video by the man's daughter, highlighting the transformative power of love and the responsibility to care for those who need it most.

Man shares deep bond with disabled brother and takes care of him every day: 'True definition of love'
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @saramesquitinha20

Throughout history, individuals have made numerous attempts to define love according to their personal perspectives. Various definitions exist and each is valid and comprehensive in its unique way. Recently, @saramesquitinha20 shared a video on TikTok, in which a 49-year-old man can be seen taking care of his 47-year-old disabled brother. His daughter uploaded this video with the text overlay that reads "My 49-year-old father has always taken care of his 47-year-old little disabled brother."

Image Source: TikTok | @saramesquitinha20
Image Source: TikTok | @saramesquitinha20


She added, "To me, this is the true definition of love." The heartwarming video has resonated deeply with audiences, amassing over 102,000 likes and hundreds of heartfelt comments. In the 32-second clip, the father is seen shaving the beard of his "little brother" with the utmost care and gentleness. Using a razor, he patiently guides his brother through each step of the process, ensuring that he does not cause him any discomfort. Finally, the elder brother gives a comforting smile, a small yet significant gesture that has won the hearts of viewers worldwide.

Image Source: TikTok | @saramesquitinh
Image Source: TikTok | @saramesquitinh


This touching display of affection is particularly poignant, as many disabled individuals are often deprived of such tender loving care. The video is a beautiful reminder that love knows no boundaries and that we all have a responsibility to care for those who need it most. It is a testament to the transformative power of love and its ability to uplift and inspire us all. The comments section of this adorable video is filled with people appreciating the elder brother for his deep love and affection. "Your dad is awesome!! The luck of those who have it. God bless your family," commented @mendesve. "Impossible not to get emotional. Congratulations! you have understood the true purpose of everything," said @gilbertoferreirar. "Without a doubt, love is in the attitudes, words and promises anyone makes," noted @d_leme1.



People with disabilities always require a kind and supportive environment to flourish. Another example of a person going above and beyond to help people with disabilities is Vernon Jackson's Barber Shop. He is the founder of Noble Barber and Beauty, a unique barbershop that provides specialized services to an often-overlooked group: disabled children. Through his compassionate work, he is making a positive impact on the lives of many in the region, one haircut at a time. 



Despite his busy schedule, Jackson dedicates his days off to offering haircuts to these disabled customers whom he refers to as "the gifted." This act of kindness and generosity towards those who require extra attention is truly inspiring and heartwarming. According to Jackson, the absence of other employees and clients in the shop helps children adjust to the barber shop environment, making them feel more at ease when they visit later. Additionally, he provides them with free and trendy haircuts that they can enjoy.

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